From our continental correspondent – My Boy just got bigger

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An early version of the cover to the new edition of My Boy, without the main characters (from Olivier Schrauwen’s website)

Olivier Schrauwen‘s My Boy, one of the best graphic novels coming out of the new Flemish Wave, is enjoying a second edition.  Top European publisher Bries has opted for a larger size and a very handsome hard cover.  In addtion, Schrauwen also created a new story to flesh out the book to a handsome eighty pages.

If you are unfamiliar with this book, it tells the story of a father and his son, who couldn’t be more different. The father is a typical Victorian gentleman, huge, imposing, dressed to a T, whereas the boy is a small, doll-like character with a big head and very small arms and legs, who can hardly move and barely speaks. They have over-the-top adventures, where they discover that “boy” has a mighty sneeze and that the Antwerp Zoo for some reasons displays pygmies along with the usual animals. In the new story, “boy” has to deal with a bored and evil babysitter.

mb is not a puppet 13

A page from My Boy Is Not A Puppet, the new story in this edition of My Boy.


Even though Schrauwen’s stories are deliciously idiosyncratic and work with a logic of their own, the main attraction of this book is its artwork. Schrauwen’s panels seem to have been lifted from turn-of-the century early newspaper strips, with fading colouring, very slight lining and the type of word balloons that you only find in early comics. He’s been able to retain that style in the newer story, even though it also resembles the artwork from his later books and publications (most notably, The Man Who Grew His Beard).

If you don’t have this  book, now is the time to fill that gap in your collection. You will not regret it, and it is more gorgeous than ever.  Check out the Bries store for availability.


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