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Published On September 27, 2014 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Lost Works

Well, this was going to be another entry into the irregular series Lost Works. Except it’s not. Not anymore. Or at least it wont be once it’s published by Dover Publications in 2015. This is fabulous news for me. And for you. Shall I tell you why?


The Bozz Chronicles came out from Epic Comics in 1985, when I was a mere 14 years old. I was pretty much in the perfect time, perfect place for Epic, which was very much a Marvelised idea of how adult-orientated comics should be, a very gentle introduction into something alternative. Or at least alternative for a 13/14 year old into the X-Men at the time. Epic was Marvel’s tentative toe-dipping into older tales, different tales, an imprint that even had the occasional bit of creator-ownership.

I certainly looked at most of the Epic Comics line when it came out, enjoyed Alien Legion, Coyote, loved Groo The Wanderer (and who doesn’t?). But The Bozz Chronicles was a strange thing, just 6-issues long, written by David Micheline with art by Bret Blevins, a Victorian set adventure which was mixing genres long before it became fashionable… a little Dr Who / X-Files weird sci-fi, a load of Holmes-ian detecting, some bits of steampunk in there, a fair bit of Western stuff. Yep, all over the place, but shot through with a grand sense of fun that made it an infectious thing.

Prostitute Amanda Flynn teams up with weird, pale, rotund alien Bozz, stuck here on Earth without hope of rescue. Bizarrely enough Flynn decides the best thing to do for the future is to set up the ‘Boswell and Flynn’ detective agency, partly to protect herself, partly to keep Bozz interested enough so he doesn’t descends, Holmes like, into depression. Add in Salem Hawkshaw, American, cowboy-ish, quick with the fists, and you have a classic weird adventure setup.

The big draw for me was the artwork of Bret Blevins, who I seem to remember first discovering through a run on The New Mutants at Marvel. His characters had something very different about them, a slightness really suited to chronicling the adventures of a group of teens. Couple that with the unusual and fun setting and stories of Micheline and I was sold.

So, here’s the prologue from Bozz #1 to give you the idea…

TheBozzChronicles1-01 TheBozzChronicles1-02 TheBozzChronicles1-03 TheBozzChronicles1-04

That was the setup, all out the way quickly. After this it quickly got up to speed, with the detective agency, the cases, the fun and hi-jinks…

A little sampler from the rest of that first issue… starting with a little flashback…

TheBozzChronicles1-10 TheBozzChronicles1-11


And now, back with the adventure…









Oh, and just because I was perusing Bret Blevins’ website whilst writing this, a little bit of Blevins artwork…


(Wolverine poster)


(Original art – X-Men 219 cover)


(Dr Strange issue 70 splash page)


(Inhumans graphic novel, inked by Al Williamson)


(New Mutants issue 68)


(New Mutants issue 69)

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