Lizz Lunney brings the Fumetti ….

Published On June 29, 2014 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

Fumetti (according to Wikipedia) “… is an Italian word (literally “little puffs of smoke” in reference to speech balloons), which refers to all comics. In English, the term refers specifically to photonovels or photographic comics, a genre of comicsillustrated with photographs rather than drawings. Italians call these fotoromanzi (photonovels).”

Fumetti’s never really taken off in the UK or US with comics. There’s been the occasional dabbling, Doomlord in Eagle in the 80s springs to mind, but it’s a very limited field.

But now Lizz Lunney has joined the ranks of Fumetti makers as she details the adventures she and her creations had in Berlin recently. Here’s the beginning, more of part 1 here, part two here.

Oh, and surely I don’t need to point out that Lunney is an excellent comic artist, featuring weird and funny stuff going on all the time with a host of 2D (and now 3D) characters including Depressed Cat, Keith The Wizard, Fat Pigeon and Smelly Pigeon and many, many more, as weird and wonderful as you could want. Seriously funny stuff, go here and enjoy. Even better, go to her Patreon site to join her fun club!


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