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Published On June 8, 2014 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Fund This, News

I do like Howard Hardiman’s Badger, have done ever since I first saw the cute little thing, looking all lost and lonely. Things have moved on since then, although I still have a blast every time Hardiman revisits the lovely, lonely little thing, most recently when he took a little wander around the streets of Wroclaw, Poland.

So, I was planning on introducing this with a heartfelt plea for you to help Hardiman out in the next evolution of his delightful little black and white friend, as his Kickstarter is now underway. Thing is, this project hit its funding target on day 1, which is absolutely fabulous news, but does somewhat take away the urgency of this post.

However, it’s still worthwhile contributing, seeing as the more money Hardiman can raise, the better the project will be…..

The Kickstarter is funding a completely new Badger adventure, certainly a completely new way of telling Badger’s adventures…

“Follow a lonely badger as he wanders around on the Isle of Wight. He might have some sandwiches. He might roller-skate. You decide!”

Ok, following the lonely badger around isn’t new (but it is always so sweet to see), but the ‘you decide‘ part is most definitely new. Instead of creating another standard Badger comic, Hardiman is going for more of a choose your own adventure book here…. or, as Hardiman says on the Kickstarter page:

“I’m Howard Hardiman and I’d like to tell you a story about a little Badger who wanders around on the Isle of Wight. Well, in particular, I’d like us to tell the story together. I remember when I was young, I loved books that allowed you to make choices and choose the direction you went in and I hoped that when I grew up, life would be full of choice and adventure.

So, you’ll be able to choose whether Badger brushes his teeth then has his breakfast or has breakfast and then brushes his teeth. You can go with him on a day-trip somewhere on the Isle of Wight or have him stay at home and do the washing up.”

In addition to the 200-page hardback book, there are plans to create a free online game version of the book, with Hardiman working with designer Cara Ellison and editorial asst./artist Melanie Swan, and receiving support from Arts Council England to make the online version possible.

The plan is for the Badger book to launch at this years Leeds Thought Bubble festival in November along with a special launch event on the Isle Of Wight.

So, even though it’s already been funded… go out and give Howard Hardiman more money for his Kickstarter!



(‘Badger and some of his books. He can’t read, mind you.’)


(Test sketches to find the right pencils.)


(‘Badger, eating a sandwich.’)

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