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Published On May 2, 2014 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

Yes, tomorrow all around the country the comic shops are full of eager punters looking to grab free comics, but there’s also free stuff a plenty to be found online, including this from Hugh Raine...

Just in time for Free Comic Book Day – I’ve made all my books available to read for free on my website, which I’ve almost finished overhauling (just a couple more pages to go)!

This includes my end-of-the-world-set-in-Yorkshire epic, Find Comet, Hit Comet, Watch Comet, Sleep (all 80 pages!), my strange, 50-page tale, By ‘Eck!, plus Jenny’s Weird Friend, hourly comics, mini comics, one-off anthology strips and much more! All at – where you will also find everything else I’ve been making and creating!

Hugh Raine 1

Yep, there’s a load of great comics on Raine’s sight, and we’ve already told you about a fair few of them on the FPI Blog over the years.

Raine’s artwork is very cartoony, characters often nothing more than big round heads on near stick bodies. But there’s a lovely fluidity in his characters – look at the way he uses the cartoon look so well with the thin lines of the arms and legs and yet still manages to get a lot of motivation, body language and expression into so few lines. Very, very nice indeed. And he’s got a spot on sense of humour and timing.

Hugh Raine By Eck

By ‘Eck is Raine’s Yorkshire scare story, best read “on a dark night, nearing Hallowe’en, with a mug of malted milk drink. ”

Hugh Raine Iris

Iris is fab, just 4 pages long but doing a pretty damn good job of summing up a life, a lovelorn young man ageing across four green tinted pages, life though a lens. It’s a cracking story, deliberately brief, the fleeting glimpses acting as the story, resulting in a perfectly bittersweet moment.


Find Comet, Watch Comet, Hit Comet, Sleep is four issues of another end of the world (maybe) tale. World weary Derek, one of life’s perennial losers, who just happens to know that the world’s going to get a lot more exciting very soon. 3 months to change your life, what would you do?

There’s also Jenny’s Weird Friend, which is funny, ridiculously funny, and has some great gags playing with all ideas of logic, and really messing with the ideas of comics….




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