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Published On June 6, 2014 | By Wim | Comics, Continental Correspondent


Following Conchitta Wurst’s recent Eurovision victory, a new cast member was to be added to the already sizeable menagerie that is Duckburg. Conchitta Duck was supposed to be the equally glamorous and equally bearded counterpart of the Austrian singer, but was met with less than favorable reactions from the German duck aficionados.

In the Swiss Daily 24, self-proclaimed Donaldist Patrick Martin (honorary president for and founding member of the Swiss fanclub Helvetische Donaldisten) was interviewed (link in German) about the public’s bad reaction to this extreme form of topicality. According to Dr. Martin, the character of Conchitta did not fit within the Donald Duck framework for several reasons. Disney’s guidelines forbid any reference to sex and religion and, even though the general surroundings in the stories have moved beyond the fifties, the atmosphere of Duckburg has remained the same, with lots of taboos so as to keep a certain innocence.

Even though Duckburg has male and female inhabitants (and, for that matter, children), their being there is treated as a matter of course. Sex, or where children comes from, is fully undisclosed (after all, what would the status of an egg be?). Donald, as a reminder, doesn’t have children of his own, but is surrounded by nephews. Similarly, all too explicit sex attributes have always been avoided, and women are solely characterised by their high heels and long eyelashes. Recently, so says Dr. Martin,  certain artists have tried to introduce some more daring cleavages, but generally this is not advocated.

Publishers Ehapa-Verlag were quick to confirm that Conchita Duck will remain a topical marketing gimmick, and that the bearded lady duck will not play a part in any Donald Duck story in the near future. However, according to Austrian television ORF, she will debut with her own stories pretty soon.

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