Desert Island Comics – Episode 74 – Rosie Haghigdi

Published On November 2, 2014 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Desert Island Comics

Time for another Desert Island Comics where we take advantage of our extensive collection of small Pacific Ocean islands to heartlessly rip a comic personage from their studio, set them the task of picking their favourite 8 comics and one little luxury, then maroon them on their own personal desert island. It’s fascinating to see just what they pick, and far, far more difficult to narrow it down than you could possibly imagine.

And if YOU fancy having a go do get in touch – email, twitter, facebook – the message will get through! Have a go, enjoy yourself, the weather’s great on the island most of the year (just don’t ask about hurricane season and the mutated giant crabs!)


(Rosie Haghighi, mini comic, Pretend)


(Rosie Haghighi, webcomic I’m Under Your Spell)

This week we welcome Rosie Haghighi, a young artist we featured just a while back in the Webcomics Weekly feature when we looked at her comic Under Your Spell. Currently studying Illustration, Graphic Novels and Children’s Publishing in Wrexham, Haghighi’s one of those rising stars with so much potential, the sort I hope we’ll be talking about for years to come. Having said that, rising star or not, she still gets dumped on one of the special FPI desert islands with the standard kit of 8 comics and 1 luxury….

Desert Island Comics – Episode 74 by Rosie Haghighi


Goodbye Chunky Rice by Craig Thompson

For some reason Goodbye Chunky Rice resonates with me so much more than Thompson’s other work. For me it had the same impact as one of his epic 500-pagers, if not more, in less than 100 pages. It deals with finding where you belong, and the people you love but have to leave behind, and the people you meet along the way. Anything relating to distance and being left by/leaving people you love automatically cuts to the core of me. I have way too much experience with it. And it just gets harder every time. Goodbye, Chunky Rice is gorgeous and affecting and I love it so much. I need it with me at all times.


Things Just Get Away From You by Walt Holcombe

This is a comic I actually found through an interview with Craig Thompson, in which he mentioned Holcombe being a huge influence to him. It’s very clear when you look at his work; he works in black and white with beautiful brush work too, and really effective storytelling. Some of the stories in this compilation reduce me to a puddle of tears. Ah, comics…


Hark! A Vagrant by Kate Beaton

This lady makes me laugh constantly. And this book is perfect. It’s so damn easy to pick up and re-read, too. One of my favourite things about it is how she uses so many literary and historical references, and even if you aren’t familiar with some of them they still make you laugh, and I think that’s proof of how good she is. It also plays into my love of the Classics so much, and it is just an absolute joy to read. Those Nancy Drew comics will never not make me cackle.


Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson

I read Transmet for the first time after a friend commissioned me a bunch of pieces based on Warren Ellis’s work. The contrast between some truly horrific circumstances and people and small displays of kindness really made me fall in love with it. Spider Jerusalem’s struggle between hating everything so much and still, somewhere, somehow hoping it can be changed is really brilliant, and it’s just a great series of comics. It’s been a while since I read ’em, and I think a revisit is overdue.


Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol

I had wanted to pick this up for years, I saw it everywhere and I just never did. I don’t really know why, but I am a firm believer in reading certain comics at the right time in your life. I read this one Summer when I went camping for about a week, with a torch in my tent, and it was absolutely perfect. The feeling of not fitting in is such a universal one and it always resonates with me, and Anya’s Ghost really managed to get under my skin with it. It’s also gorgeously drawn and it’s just really great. I love it.


By Chance or Providence by Becky Cloonan

A pretty recent release, but it compiles her three most recent self-published comics; Wolves, The Mire and Demeter. Becky Cloonan’s work made me want to draw comics. When I came across Demo years ago I was in love, and her artwork is just so stunning I always spend ages lingering on each page. Those three mini-comics were so well-written and beautiful and I owe her work so much, she’ll always be a massive source of inspiration for me.


The Hilda series by Luke Pearson

Really beautifully drawn and well-told stories, I love all of Luke Pearson’s work but the Hilda series is just so lovely. Hilda and the Midnight Giant is definitely my favourite, the story is really sweet and much of it takes place at night, I have a real love for night-based colour schemes. Pearson is great at using limited palettes and contrasting colours and I just really, really love his comics.


Berserk by Kentaro Miura

Maybe not the best thing to be stuck with on a desert island, Berserk is a really tough read. But it’s also incredible, Miura’s artwork is insanely detailed and gets better and better, and the intense darkness of the whole story is really contrasted with pockets of hopefulness some of the characters still have. It’s really hard to describe it, but it just blew me away. Not for the faint of heart, though. It’s not an easy ride.

Luxury – Would have to be infinite paper and pencils. I don’t think I could survive without being able to draw.

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