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Published On March 15, 2014 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Comics For Children

I thought we were doing well at my school with our fabulous library stocked full of graphic novels, but Water Mills Primary School in Birmingham has really raised the bar… they’ve just organised and enjoyed their very first comic con!

Friday night was Teenage Ninja Mutant Ninja Turtles movie night at the school, followed by comic convention day on Saturday, complete with arts, crafts, competitions, model making and even a couple of special guests; Laura Howell (The Beano, Bizarre Adventures OF Gilbert & Sullivan) and Zoom Rockman (teen comic maker extraordinaire behind The Zoom).

A couple of photos below, but do pop over and say hello at the school blog or say hello to organiser Damian Johnson on Twitter. The encouragement is great, and does make a difference at schools, especially useful when pointing out to reluctant heads, teachers and parents that these comic things are magnificent ways to encourage children to engage with reading and writing and drawing!

Damian has his own review of the convention at the school blog, well worth an inspiring read – but I thought I’d pull his last words, a perfect summation…

“My big hope is that some of the children who went to the con are inspired to pick up a book (of any kind!) and read it. If they start writing and drawing their own material then that would be truly amazing.”

DSC00368 DSC00320

(Left – Laura Howell hard at work. Right – Zoom Rockman in mid presentation)

DSC00328 007

(Left – he’s Batman and he’s loving it. Right – just one of a series of models in the gallery, a spectacular Optimus Prime)


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  1. nick shingler says:

    Hi Richard, it’s great to see children enjoying reading, and even better for them to be writing and drawing too. I have “the Cov Kids” cartoons published in my local newspaper and am about to run childrens workshops in Coventry’s central library to launch an exhibition of my stuff. I remember reading features on here about a similar venture but can’t find them on the website. Are they still available as any pointers would be much appreciated. Regards, Nick Shingler