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Published On September 19, 2014 | By Joe Gordon | Comics

2000ad prog1900 dredd cover by greg staples

Tharg the Mighty’s minion Mike Molcher sends us a heads-up on next week’s very special issue of The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic, 2000 AD, with the long running Brit science ficiton anthology reaching a new milestone with the publication of Prog 1900 – just check out that superb Judge Dredd cover by the excellent Greg Staples.

True to the 2000 AD ethos and tradition this landmark issue is being designed to be extra special, not just in terms of some cool stories, but deliberately commencing with brand-new stories to make it a perfect jumping-on point for new readers or those lapsed readers who have been thinking it’s about time they got back on the H-Wagon (yes, it is, don’t you read Richard’s regular, weekly updates on just how drokking good 2000 AD has consistently been in recent years? If not then you’ve been missing out big-time).

2000ad prog 1900 block judge wagner ezquerra

Fewer stories than usual this Prog, only three, but each given more space, plus a nice piece looking back at previous landmark issues which gave me a warm, nostalgic glow (just like that lovely, warming glow over parts of the Cursed Earth rad-pits). Always special when the Dreddfather himself, John Wagner, is teamed up again with the great Carlos Ezquerra, the original Dredd artist, and this new story, Block Judge, takes in an aspect of the Judge’s role in policing the Big Meg we don’t normally get to see, the unsung ‘beat cop’ that is the Block Judge.

2000ad prog 1900 stickelback thru'penny opera edginton d'israeli

I love when Ian Edginton and D’Israeli collaborate, and I love it even more when it is in the form of new Stickleback, their delightfully twisted Victorian super-criminal, a strange being in a murky underworld that takes in the historical era, the supernatural and steampunk/alt-history elements to create something very special (and oh boy, always happy to see D’Israeli art, right?), back with The Thru’penny Opera.

2000ad prog 1900 kingdom aux drift dan abnett richard elson

And rounding out the new strips we have the welcome return of Gene the Hackman with Kingdom – Aux Drift, by the always-interesting Dan Abnett and Richard Elson, promising us the story of how Gene found the Kingdom. It all amounts to a great spot for new readers to dive into the long running Brit comics institution or as a nice fresh serving for regular readers, and next week the story count goes back up to more regular levels with two new strips, Ichabod Azrael: One Last Bullet by Rob Williams and Mike Dowling, and Greysuit: Prince of Darkness by much-loved and respected veterans Pat Mills and John Higgins. There’s a reason so many of us have grown up on 2000 AD and why we still read it – it’s grud-damned good. Prog 1900 is on sale on Wednesday 24th of September.

2000ad prog 1900 ichabod azrael trailer

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  1. Judge Moo says:

    Only 100 weeks until the 2000th issue of 2000AD! 🙂

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