Comic artists always make comics… even when they don’t mean to…

Published On October 9, 2014 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

Some things are very comic related, others tangentially so… this a little tangential. But very sweet. Artist Hugh Raine and his wife Lucy recently celebrated the birth of first child Bonnie. Congratulations and general ahhhhhs all round. But being the artist that he is Hugh got stuck in to painting the nursery in fine style.

“I started with some architecture from our home town of Dewsbury and turned it into a friendly place for her to look at and make up her own stories! I also included landmarks such as Emley Moor Mast, which is a constant presence on our West Yorkshire horizon.”

Nursery art 1

Nursery art 2

The thing that makes it interesting, the thing that makes it fab, the thing that gives it that comic twist….when the whole thing is arranged by the artist on his daughter’s wall…. well, that’s comic frames right there…

Nursery art 3

It’s one of those obvious when it’s pointed out to you that we always look for patterns, we’re a pattern recognising species, it’s helped our evolution etc etc. But working with children and seeing them read it’s fascinating to see just how easily, how naturally everything falls into the pattern, the grammar of comics. Panel borders, speech bubbles, the gutters, the pacing, the positioning on characters, the simple top to bottom, left to right-ness of everything… all very basic, learned behaviour in part, but also something the young mind is attuned to.

Anyway, congrats to the Raines, and thanks to daddy Hugh for sharing those lovely pictures.

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