Bryan Talbot’s Arkwright – complete and deluxe…. at long last….

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That’s the cover to Arkwright Integral, announced through the Bryan Talbot site this week. The book is, as you can see on the cover, a collection of both Luther Arkwright volumes, the original Adventures Of Luther Arkwright and the follow-up Heart Of Empire.

It’s available from Dark Horse in October, a 556 page behemoth, A4 hardback that will set you bat between £30-£40.

The publicity blurb reads…..

“In a swirling multiverse of endless possibilities and incalculable dangers, malign forces manipulate history through countless timelines and act to wreak destruction across universes. But amongst these infinite existences, their fate depends on one man, an anomaly who exists in but a single universe, a being of vast psychic power capable of travelling between parallel realities – Luther Arkwright!

An adult science-fiction epic of boundless imagination and audacious vision, The Adventures of Luther Arkwright and Heart of Empire are brought together for the first time in one essential hardcover volume, with an introduction by Michael Moorcock, afterword by Warren Ellis and a 10-page Luther Arkwright interview with Steve Bissette. Plus a large gallery of Arkwright illustrations and book covers by Bryan and other artists, including Dave Gibbons, Glenn Fabry and Hunt Emerson, and a Heart of Empire back cover gallery”

Obviously this is a great thing. Personally it would have been even greater of a thing if Dark Horse would have: a) done this years ago, b) done hardcovers of each book separately. Surely I’m not the only one out there that feels that the two books are completely distinct, sharing characters and little else. The tone, the art, everything is different from Arkwright to Heart Of Empire. I thought/think Arkwright was/is a work of incendiary genius. I thought Heart Of Empire something less. Still good, don’t misunderstand me, but as a sequel, it’s a sequel.

However, the thought of finally getting Arkwright in an oversized hardback edition is all I need to put the money aside. I’m buying. You should as well.

And for added bonus, here’s the first few pages of The Adventures Of Luther Arkwright…

LA01-05 LA01-06 LA01-07 LA01-08 LA01-09 LA01-10 LA01-11

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One Response to Bryan Talbot’s Arkwright – complete and deluxe…. at long last….

  1. Joe Gordon Joe Gordon says:

    Excellent news, have often wondered why with so many classic works getting deluxe, archive edition treatment the Luther Arkwright books hadn’t been done well before now. So deluxe Luther in autumn then around December hopefully new Grandville too – going to be a good year for Bryan Talbot fans!