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With our (pretty darned massive!) traditional guest Best of the Year series over (see here for all of the 2013 Best Of posts) we’ve turned to what the blog crew have been enjoying over the last twelve months. We’ve seen what Wim enjoyed most the other day, today it’s the turn of Ireland’s own Colm Creamer:

2013 was a pretty good year for comics, movies and TV so here’s some of what I particularly dug this year!


Young Avengers (volume 1, vol 2 and vol 3) by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie (Marvel). I will use any excuse to talk about Gillen and McKelvie! They’re one of my favourite creative teams with their acclaimed work, of course, being Phonogram.

young avengers mckelvie gillen

This year, they started their Young Avengers run, where they crafted a story that was engaging and breathed fresh life into the idea of young heroes- and then McKelvie decided to show off just how great he is at panelling! This book is gorgeous, month in and month out! I’m heartbroken that they’re ending their run this year!

Buttonpress Publications! These guys had a really strong year with their two all-ages books, The Wren and Artos. I wrote reviews for Artos (see here) and volume two of The Wren (see here) and since then, they’ve started a crossover with Artos #2 and managed to expand to have their books stocked in Forbidden Planet’s New York store (American readers looking for terrific all-ages comics for younger readers, there’s a hint). They really are some great comics for kids and all ages, particularly if you like stories steeped in history and mythology but with fun modern kids!


They look set to have another great year this year, with new releases of The Wren and Artos; Issue 11 of The Wren should be released at the 2D festival in Northern Ireland this year! Check it out!!


The Private Eye, Brian K Vaughan and Marcos Martin (digital only). This hit the Internet hard and fast this year! Brian K. Vaughn had already got people talking with Saga (I’m not going to say anything about Saga, cause everybody should know how good it is at this point) but then he released this with Marcos Martin, and brought revived interest in the idea of the digital comic.

I was blind-sided by this, didn’t hear anything about it then suddenly it was out! I gave it a shot, and I was hooked! That first issue was great – and ran a proper social commentary on modern media. It’s available from panel syndicate, and in new age rockstar style, it’s a ‘pay what you like’ system per issue.



Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. I was excited about this from when I first saw the season finale introducing John Hurt – and WOW: getting John Hurt! The Legend! The Veteran! To appear in this is a feat and shows how timeless and well-loved Doctor Who is.

Anyway, the episode/extended special was really well written and beautifully shot. Moffat knew both his story and his characters, and crafted an adventure accordingly, introducing new elements whilst at the same time paying homage to what came before. I also really want to mention Billie Piper in this, her minimalist use and divergence from the ‘Rose Tyler’ character was well done!

doctor who 50th moffat hurt tennant smith coleman in TARDIS

Finally, can we get more series with Tennant and Smith teaming up? Their chemistry and interaction were FANTASTIC! Yeah, I’m touching on notes with this, because I’m afraid of spoiling (though, there’s an argument that says ‘if you haven’t watched the 50th by now, you’re never going to) but this really was a MONUMENTOUS highlight for Doctor Who and a brilliant piece of work! A superb addition to the legacy!

Arrow. As a long-time fan of the Green Arrow character (I have religiously studied Grell’s Longbow Hunters) I have really enjoyed seeing the character get his due. There is a lot that can be done with a martial arts trained, physical superpower-less hero and this series has shown that.

arrow season 2 cast

Seeing the second half of series one and the first half of series two has been a treat and I hope this series lasts as long as Smallville. I also have to give credit to actor Stephen Amell who clearly has put a lot of effort into the role- seeing his training and workout routines for the role of Oliver Queen are jaw dropping.

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