The return of Best Cover Ever? the return of Richard, the return of Mister X….. McCarthy style….

Published On October 11, 2014 | By Richard Bruton | Best Cover EVER?, Comics

As part of an idea to create a weekend magazine format for the FPI Blog, where I’ll serve up regular features to look forward to, it’s lovely to be able to announce the return of a feature I started a long time ago now… Best Cover EVER? (you can find every previous one here.)

It’s a simple idea… the question mark ever so important. Just like your favourite band, album, book, author, comic, your favourite cover will no doubt change in time, and most people will have a different idea of what makes a best anything. So, every week we’l ask someone to pick a cover they love and tell us why they love it. And for that week it becomes the best cover ever. No arguing. No debate. For seven whole days that IS the Best Cover Ever. Then next Saturday it gets deposed, as there’s never really going to be a Best Cover Ever? is there?

So to mark the return of the feature I’m having another go at it. So far I’ve picked the iconic Love & Rockets band cover by Jaime Hernandez, a classic Steranko Nick Fury cover, childhood memories of The Uncanny X-Men and The New Mutants. I’ve also picked the incredible Ryan Hughes cover to Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles TWICE. First here. Then here. I’d like to claim some sort of decision to do this based on just how damn good an idea it is, but no, it’s down to me just having a truly crappy memory.

Right then…. what to pick for my sixth….

Well, when I think covers I think design and imagery, something to immediately hit home when you see the thing on the shelf. This is all those things and much more….


Best Cover EVER? … Mister X Volume 2, Issue 1, 1989, Cover Art by Brendan McCarthy

This was the first issue to a new Mister X series from Vortex, the first time the character was without his creator Dean Motter. However, the team of Jeffrey Morgan, Shane Oakley, Ken Holewczynski (and later D’Israeli) would deliver a fabulous series, weird, quirky, great artwork all through. Loved it. You can get hold of the lot in The Brides Of Mister X hardcover. It’s well worth the cash.

Great cover. Except that wasn’t the end to it. There wasn’t just one cover by McCarthy, there were actually four of them, same image, different colour treatments.

Now usually I hate variant editions but this has always struck me as something special, something different, McCarthy claiming a little bit of pop art repetition back….

137704_20080730110430_large 96276_20070609114733_large

66357-11316-99354-1-mister-x 137703_20111120152009_large

So, Best Cover EVER?

Yep. It is this week. Next week…. well, why don’t you get in touch with yours?



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