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Published On October 25, 2014 | By Richard Bruton | Best Cover EVER?, Comics

Every week we ask someone to pick a cover they love and tell us why they love it. And for that week it becomes the best cover ever. No arguing. No debate. For seven whole days that IS the Best Cover Ever. Then next Saturday it gets deposed, as there’s never really going to be a Best Cover Ever? is there? (you can find every previous one here.)

This week it’s the turn of 2000AD publicity and promotional whiz Michael Molcher


2000AD Prog 93, 1978, cover art by Massimo Belardinelli, Flesh Book II

It may seem like an odd choice, considering it doesn’t feature 2000 AD’s biggest character, hard-ass lawman Judge Dredd, and nor does it feature any other character you’d recognise, but this is still the best 2000 AD cover ever.

Why? Those cover lines, man. Just imagine the effect those words had on the young, impressionable minds back in 1978! The brainchild of 2000 AD’s creator and first editor, Pat Mills, Flesh was one of the original stories from the very first issue and involved cowboys going back in time to farm dinosaurs to feed a starving Earth. Kinda set the tone for the next 37 years, I think.


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