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Published On May 5, 2014 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Previews

Although we’ve covered various bits of Avery Hill’s forthcoming works recently, I thought it might be worth rounding them all up in one handy guide. Essentially it’s a buy guide, as there’s nothing in here I wouldn’t hesistate to try based on previous works.

Avery Hill the company really do seem to be getting it right, one of a number of small publishers right now with a small but perfectly formed publishing list. Previous books have included Infrastructure by Tim Bird (much enjoyed), Mike Medaglia’s SeasonsThe Megatherium Club by OD PomeryJazz Greenhill’s The Festival and the Avery Hill anthology Reads. Now although I can’t say that I adored them all, I can tell you there’s something there for everyone, and the sheer diversity and production quality is top notch.

However, there are three books coming out in the next couple of months that I can definitely get right behind; Simon Moreton’s Smoo collection, Ricky Miller’s remake of his Metroland with art by Julia Scheele and Gill Hatcher’s The Beginner’s Guide to Being Outside.


Metroland was a weird thing when I read it back in the pages of Reads, it always seemed laden with potential but was frustrating, this indie music band drama with added dimensional hopping and weird adventures on the side. Miller wrote and drew several episodes of a few pages a time in the Reads anthology, but although that was enough to prove its worth and potential to me, I reckon this new version will make good on all that promise. Part of the pull of that is of course the art by Julia Scheele, but the main thing is that something with huge potential seems to have found a way to at least attempt to achieve said potential here.

Metroland issue #1 by Miller and Scheele is published in May 2014. Gosh, that’s round about now isn’t it?

Join Miller and Scheele for tales of a London in the here and now that is just a little bit wrong. History has been made right, those meant to be dead are somehow alive. And over in Greenwich, the indie band Electric Dreams are trying to make music. If only founder members Ricky Stardust and the mysterious Jessica Hill weren’t constantly going missing. Drink? drugs? or something far more weird and unusual called Metroland?


Second in the Avery Hill round up is another May published work, although this time it’s a work I already know I’ll love, as it’s a collection of Simon Moreton‘s wonderful, minimal, beautiful Smoo Comic. I’ve long loved Moreton’s comics, all reduction of line leading to huge expanses of meaning and beauty, so a collection I can put on my shelf is something I’m all for.

This collection will feature material from 2012-2013, include difficult to find anthology work and a new essay by Moreton on his methods and practices.




And finally, something we covered not very long ago is Gill Hatcher‘s 40-page full colour The Beginner’s Guide to Being Outside. This all-ages landscape comic marks Hatcher’s first longer form work after impressing rather a lot with previous short pieces here and there.

Beginners Guide features 14 year old Mega, your typical city teen, permanently plugged into something. Worst thing could happen to Megan would be a family holiday in somewhere hideously remote. Like the Scottish Highlands. This is going to about reconnecting with the outdoors and nature, and how that could help a troubled teen reconnect with family and herself at the same time.

Beginner’s Guide To Being Outside is released in June.


gill hatcher 1

Oh, did I say final thing… nearly. This is the final thing, the new issue of Reads, Vol 2 #1 with a cover by Eleni Kalorkoti. That comes out over the summer as well….

Reads Cover Final RED


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