At Last – Helfer and Baker’s Shadow returns….

Published On April 5, 2014 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, News

I’ve gone on and on about how great Andy Helfer’s run on The Shadow was back in the 90s from DC Comics. Along with artists Bill Sienkiewicz, Marshall Rogers and Kyle Baker he created a version of the classic pulp hero that wa in turn inspired and insane, perhaps not as true to the origins of the character as many versions, but beloved, absolutely beloved by those of us who got it.

I’ve also bemoaned the fact that there was no signs of a collection anytime soon. DC just didn’t seem up for the task, but then again, the number of times they’ve tried (and failed) to resurrect the classic pulp heroes, who can really blame them.

Well, thankfully Dynamite have rescued us from our misery. First they released Howard Chaykin’s classic modern era reworking Blood & Judgment from 1986, and then the just as classic but a little more traditional¬†Shadow 1941 from Denny O’Neill, Mike Kaluta and Russ Heath, originally published by Marvel in 1988.

GX6178 Shadow1941DustJacket1

And then came the fabulous news that they were releasing a new Master Series, volume 1 of which would collect the 6 issues of Helfer with Bill Sienkiewicz originally published in ’87/’88. That’s previewed here at the blog, but trust me, it’s well worth it.

Granted the fact Dynamite called it The Master Series Volume 1 should have given me hope that we’d see a Volume 2 and 3 to collect all of Helfer’s 19 issues, but I’ve learned not to get too presumptuous before now.

But now, FINALLY, we have confirmation that Volume 2 will be released in June 2014. This second volume collects issue 7-13 of Helfer’s series, issue 7 the brilliant “Harold Goes To Washington” with art by Marshall Rogers and Kyle Baker, issues 8-13 the six part “Seven Deadly Finns” story, where Helfer and Baker really took the book to new heights of insane action, laugh out loud funny dialogue, and a general mood practically guaranteed to offend the die-hard Shadow purist.

But I bloody loved it. I’ll be first in line come June.

ShadowMasterVol1-Cov-ea0b5 shadow vol 2 cover

Now, how about some art from here and there…. first up a little Marshall Rogers & Kyle Baker from Issue 7s “Harold Goes To Washington“, set against the era of Ronald Reagan, the Shadow has to save the president’s life when a school trip goes somewhat awry…



Now, a little from the brilliant “Seven Deadly Finns“, where Helfer and Baker really came into their own, taking The Shadow to even better heights. Well, I thought so anyway. The Finns are a crime family, although they’re a little more… unusual… than the rest. So it’s the Shadow and his agents versus the Finns. The ending… it still thrills and amazes.

But that’s all you’re getting. No spoilers here, these are all from The Shadow Issue 8, Seven Deadly Finns Part 1….






And as for the Shadow….


C’mon. What’s not to love?

June 2014. Dynamite.

I’ll be in the queue. Join me.


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