Animation: Good Grief

Published On April 14, 2014 | By Joe Gordon | Animation, Film TV & Theatre

Good Grief is a charming short stop-motion animated film by Fiona Dalwood, taking several people who have experienced loss – loss of parents, a friend’s suicide, children losing a beloved pet, a man losing a limb – and looking at the effect grief has on us, but also the positive changes it can make to our outlook on life. It’s a subject matter fraught with emotional landmines, of course, but here Dalwood, drawing on the sense of loss from her own mother passing away, is determined to use stop-motion as a way to represent the turbulent, heavy emotions we go through in grief in a much lighter fashion, pitched rather nicely to work for adults and children equally. I thought it was a quite lovely wee piece; you can also see a version with French subtitles via the Vimeo page and learn more from the website here:

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