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Published On October 24, 2014 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

Dan Berry and Sarah McIntyre have already posted their 24-hour comic marathon comics. They’re both excellent. We looked at them here. Now it’s the turn of Warwick Johnson-Cadwell to step up and put his comic online, before reprinting for Thought Bubble.

Tom Hand: A Tale Of Stories by WJC:

I loved this one, really loved it. But then again, I’ve loved WJC’s work since first setting eyes on it, the angular, free-flowing lines, the dynamism on his pages, it all just does it for me. The biggest problem is that he just doesn’t do enough. But here he is, 24-pages in 24-hours, proof he’s obviously slacking off on us. We want more. More … NOW!

Nah, maybe not, it really doesn’t work like that, but enjoy what you have for what it is. The art carries it, but the actual tale, in fact, all three connected tales feature the legend of Tom Hand, legendary salt o’ the seas. These sea stories are as salty and as unreliable as you might expect from a comic whose first five words just happen to be

“Rum, Rum and …?”

Brilliance from WJC, a load of fun in 24-pages.






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