The 24-Hour Comic Marathon comics begin sneaking out online…

Published On October 21, 2014 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, News

Seven foolhardy yet intrepid souls voluntarily spent 24-hours over the Lakes Festival as part of the 24-Hour Comics Marathon (have a look here for the details). The comics were drawn in 24-hours and then rush printed for an official launch at 2pm on Sunday, in the presence of Scott McCloud himself.


(Pic via Sarah McIntyre)

The comics themselves were all limited and sold very, very quickly. However, I imagine a second print may be on the cards for several, especially with Thought Bubble a few short weeks away! (I know Dan Berry intends to have some ready at least!). Here’s a couple that have escaped online for your reading pleasure…

Dan Berry’s Nicholas & Edith is every bit the Dan Berry comic. Sumptuous artwork, fully painted, the washes decorating every page quite lovely. I imagine his fellow 24-hourers wanted to kill him at one point as well. Not only did he make this look so damn good, he actually managed it in something nearer 12-hours, as it was his job to get all seven comics print ready and do all that technical jiggery-pokery they do in the whole publishing biz.

Nicholas and Edith is frankly, a bloody triumph. A love story which twists, then turns, then spins around a bit, nothing like your normal Romeo and Juliet story, but brilliant. On top of all this it simply looks gorgeous.

NE_00 NE_01 NE_02

Sarah McIntyre’s Scribble, available in full here (and hopefully reprinted soon!). The story’s a quirky thing, all about a scribble and the adventures he has. It’s a comic designed by Sarah to be read aloud by an adult to a child (she’s right when she says it can be difficult sometimes to read comics out loud to children) and it works, as you read it, the story unfolds beautifully simply, with few different voices, a narrator rather than too many conversations. It’s so nice to see Sarah’s work back in comic form again!





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