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Published On February 16, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Upcoming

Swear Down is the latest of Oliver East’s wonderful comics. And another of my increasingly long list of comics about landscape, where the abstraction and sheer beauty of the imagery carries it for me. Simon Moreton’s work, Jonathan Edwards’ recent sketchbook – that sort of thing. Frankly the sort of thing I would never have dreamt I’d love even 5 years back. But tastes change.

This latest is described by Oli as “walking in as straight a line as possible out of my front door following the line of longitude.  This cuts through England, Brittany, the length of Spain, then Africa. This acts as a base to then explore the premature birth of my son, near death of my wife and other such fun stuff.

See, he can say that and yet I just know what he puts down on paper will be not only visually striking and at times challenging but moving, poignant, wonderfully conversational, inventive, and eminently readable.

You can get hold of Swear Down artwork already as a series of quality print at Oliver’s web-shop, more pieces at his website.

And I’ll leave you with this one, another print from Oliver’s webstore, but one I just think is gorgeous…. serenity and calm by the side of the tracks, a walk well and truly enjoyed:


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  1. Matt Badham says:

    That is lovely stuff!