Upcoming: Paul Duffield’s Firelight Isle

Published On July 6, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Upcoming

This time around we’re looking forward a long way to Paul Duffield‘s new graphic novel; The Firelight Isle. He was proudly showing off the  first finished page from this truly sumptuous looking graphic novel on Twitter:


Wow. Just wow.

Duffield’s funded the first stage of the graphic novel through Indie GoGo, but is still fundraising through donations – you can get more details here.

“The Firelight Isle is a new creator-owned graphic novel that I started writing earlier this year. The story revolves around two young characters who have been friends since birth, a weaver named Anlil (right) and Sen (left) a spearman in training. The plot begins as they’re initiated into their professions and begin adult life. The world is a fantastical one that forms a backdrop on which to explore human culture in a fictional setting. I’m currently working on story, designs and research, and I’ve now gathered enough material to go live with the project!

My goal for The Firelight Isle is to produce a graphic novel without compromises, and put every ounce of quality that I can into the story, the art and the design. The finished product will be a 200-300 page full-colour book, with production values inspired by beautiful publications like Habibi and The Arrival, in which every detail of the book contributes to the atmosphere of the story.”

Here’s the You Tube trailer for the project:


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