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Published On January 26, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Upcoming

Zainab mentioned this a while back, but since then I keep seeing new art from Cadballs over on the Dangeritis tumblr. And I likes what I see.

Cadballs, for those few who aren’t aware yet, is the team name for artists Warwick Johnson Cadwell and Robert Ball. Devilshly original it is not, but it is rather fittingly seventies cliche for this ridiculously over the top 70s cop show of a comic. Or at least that’s what it’s looking like thus far.

Very little info on it yet, but it looks like huge amounts of fun…. later in 2013 is what they say, although they are slowly running pages as a sort of webcomic over at the Tumblr. I’ll put money on November and Thought Bubble for the print version. In the meantime, go and buy Ball’s excellent Winters Knight (review, shop) or head to WJC’s shop for some lovely, lovely stuff, and keep your eyes out for his take on Tank Girl in May.

Here, because they’re great, images from the Tumblr… starting with page 1-3

And now a little of what you can find over at the Tumblr….

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