Upcoming: Dan Berry’s Carry Me

Published On September 7, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Previews


More news from Great Beast, the publishing company set up by Marc Ellerby and Adam Cadwell, and currently developing quite a roster of talented and exciting UK artists. Their latest signing is Dan Berry, whose The Suitcase and Hey You just the latest in a long list of his work to be pretty much universally adored here at the FPI Blog.

Berry’s first comic for Great Beast will be Carry Meout this autumn.

This from Berry’s blog

It’s the story of a man and his daughter encountering a wild dog along an overgrown path. That’s the quick sell anyway. There’s more than that going on, but you’ll have to wait to read it.

It’s a 24 page wordless comic that I’m drawing straight into my sketchbook. I’m not pencilling nor correcting anything with this, just jumping straight in from the synopsis with ink, watercolour and good intentions, so while working like this is liberating and fairly rapid, it’s also quite stressful to draw. I don’t recommend working this way.

Berry’s mastery of storytelling that we’ve already seen in his work thus far is more than up to the task of carrying a wordless comic, and his super flowing line looks so fresh and lively in the samples below – stressful it might be, but it seems to really give those pages an energy and vitality. Definitely one we’ll be telling you more about nearer the time. Right now, just file it away in the must buy section of your comics mind.

Now, here’s some of the process pics he posted…..







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5 Responses to Upcoming: Dan Berry’s Carry Me

  1. Matt Badham says:

    Very Quentin Blake.

    Very beautiful.

    I’ll pick that up, I think.


    • Richard Bruton Richard Bruton says:

      Hi Matt – yep, very Quentin Blake indeed. Comes through with the looseness of the artwork, more relaxed.

  2. Agreed with Matt, I’ve never considered Dan’s work in this way before, but seeing those lovely water colours up close like that, he suddenly reminds me so much of Quentin Blake- very beautiful and full of raw feeling!

    • Richard Bruton Richard Bruton says:

      You know, I was going to do the Quentin Blake comparison, but backed off at the last minute thinking it was a little soon to use based on just one page. And dammit, now I’m going to look like I’m copying Matt when I get the whole comic and review it!!!!

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