Uncanny Figure Review: Marvel Select Barbarian Hulk

Published On March 4, 2013 | By Day Johnson | Merchandise

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Jason Aaron’s run on Incredible Hulk was very interesting, and explored the topic that Bruce Banner, was in fact the bad part of the Hulk/Banner character. With thanks to Dr Doom, Banner managed to split apart from Hulk, both living seperate lives;- Banner chose to experiment on animals trying to recreate the gamma experiment that created the Hulk, whereas Hulk chose seclusion with the Moloid people… this is how Hulk appeared during that time period, and what an awesome look that was!

The sculpt of this is a perfect translation from the art of Marc Silvestri which made Hulk look like an underground king (not the rap group UGK… RIP Pimp C), or, as the packaging suggests; a barbarian! From the detail in his facial expression, the sculpt on his skull necklace, the protruding veins in his muscles to the rips and folds in his loin cloth, you can see a lot of work has gone into making this figure an accurate adaption of the artwork. The figure is absolutely massive and towers over even the unstoppable Juggernaut select figure which is a huge piece of plastic for your shelves!

As with the sculpt, the paint job matches the original artwork very well, using to excellent effect, various shades of green; dark washes and dry brushing, yet not too much to make the figure look dirty or unprofessional! The loin cloth actually looks like it’s made from material and the necklace looks like dried out bone, which shows what a great job the design team have done on this action figure! Marvel Select (as it actually reads on the packaging) are constantly updating and improving their products; the articulation available in modern select figures like this one are testament to that statement: Hulk has new ball joints at the knees, elbows, shoulders, neck and legs, swivel joints on the wrists, feet and waist. The one problem having muscles so big, as is the case in real people, (not just toys) is that Hulk cannot move his arms very high past his shoulders to get the most dynamic poses, but he still can move a hell of a lot and can still pull off those big punches and destructive smash poses the Hulk is all about!

This is a must for all Hulk collectors, and sits nicely with your Ultimate Hulk, Incredible Hulk, Red Hulk and Movie Hulk Select figures, or even with your Marvel Legends if you like your Hulk to tower over the rest! I know one guy at least who’s been foaming at the mouth for this to land on our shores! Pick this up while you can because Hulk Select figures seem to jump off of the shelves (probably because of the amount of plastic you get for such a reasonable price!) and we don’t want you getting disappointed and becoming green with rage! HULK SMASH!!

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