The Weekly 2000AD – Prog 1839

Published On July 7, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Reviews, The Weekly 2000AD

1839 COVER

Cover this week – fancy a game of giant marbles with the guy from the nuclear reactor? Lee Garbett asks the questions.

1839 dredd2

Judge Dredd – Wasteland Part Three by John Wagner and Dave Taylor

Three parts in and what we’re getting is no more and no less than a Wagner Dredd casebook story. Nothing wrong with it at all, loads of atmosphere, great dialogue. Part of me wants more mega, but another part of me tells that part to stop being so whiny and just enjoy this for how simply well crafted it’s proving to be.

This is more of Dredd following up that suspicious surfer raid on Valentino block back in episode one, and wouldn’t you know it… the money’s brought out the crims. Of course it has, but it’s not about the plot really here, it’s all about mood, tone, and seeing a pitch perfect Dredd threaten an old geezer with a kneecappin’.

1839 defoe2

Defoe: The Damned by Pat Mills and Leigh Gallagher

More hyper-detailed, lovely to look art b&w artwork from Leigh Gallagher as Pat Mills settles back into the middle bit of Defoe, which is looking like it may well be the 17th Century version of Savage, locked in one place and little really going on as the undead hordes break into the Tower of London with a little help from one of Defoe’s crew. . However, it’s getting away with it right now because it’s interesting and the art’s good. But there’s just that oh so nagging feeling that this one’s going to frustrate in the end if there’s no attempt to move it somewhere in the region of a story.

1839 anderson2

Cadet Anderson: One In Ten by Alan Grant and Carls Ezquerra

I know it’s a horrible thing to say, but the best bit about this strip this week was getting to the end and realising it’s coming back at some point in the Megazine. Saved.

Because Christ this did nothing for me. Coincidentally this week I picked up Judge Anderson The Psi Files Volume 3, the one with the gorgeous Steve Sampson and Arthur Ranson artwork and the great Something Wicked / Satan storyline. Alan Grant can write good Anderson. Just not good Cadet Anderson.

1839 sinister2

Sinister Dexter: Witless Protection by Dan Abnett and John Burns

Sinister goes about his business, hits here, there, and everywhere. But things aren’t going to work out, you just know it. End of this episode proves Sinister’s life is on the slide, and possibly has been since birth. Poor wee lad, no luck, no hope.

Still liking Abnett’s turn of phrase although there’s less chance to really play around with it this episode. But overall, Sinister Dexter is doing good things.

1839 tenseconders2

The Ten-Seconders: Godless by Rob Williams and Edmund Bagwell

Another one of those strips I’d heard a lot about and should probably have read the first story collection before this came out. Alas, nope, didn’t manage it, so luckily for me the lion’s share of this first part simply recaps and then recaps some more.

You probably know the idea anyway; the Gods have come down to Earth and enslaved the people; lots of Supermen and Wonder Women with a violent, nasty streak taking over the world and having a lax attitude towards collateral damage. There’s a great deal of catching up in here, and it’s all done really well. Bagwell’s art is damn good, and Williams writes it all with a dramatic flair, the full horrors of this new world lain out for us to see. Enjoyable but not knocked my socks off yet.

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