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Published On June 30, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews, The Weekly 2000AD

1838 cover

Cover this week – The Sinister part of Sinister Dexter by John Charles. Doesn’t really do much for me to be honest. Nice enough.

1838 dredd 2

Judge Dredd: Wastelands by John Wagner and Dave Taylor

Second part of John Wagner’s return to Dredd in these pages, his clipped prose epitomising Dredd:

“Helmet receivers amplify sound from above -“
“Just rats, feeding on a decomposing corpse -“
“Coming down.”
“Uneven – creep’s limping”

James Elroy does this and critics queued around the block to praise him. Wagner’s prose is just as good, just as effective, and his storytelling is better. Wasteland is looking like it isn’t going to turn into the next Wagner mega-epic, but that doesn’t matter, we’re going to get a perfect police procedural, and it’s going to be great.

Dredd’s on the case of the surfer gang who shot up Valentino block last issue, but the gang’s motives aren’t as simple as first thought.

Yep, great quality. Not entirely sure about Dave Taylor’s art though, although generally good it’s a bit too inconsistent, Dredd too skinny, storytelling a bit static. It’s pretty at parts though, and he gets the dirty look of MC1 right.

1838 tt

Terror Tales: Rattle by Montynero

This Terror Tale positively reeks of nostalgia.

Seriously, it could have been written anytime in 2000AD’s past. But that’s not necessarily a problem if you’re after a by the numbers, animals attack sort of thing that doesn’t do much new, but does it well enough to keep the interest, but never really fills me with excitement.

anderson 2

Cadet Anderson: One In Ten by Alan Grant and Carls Ezquerra

And whilst on the subject of not being filled with excitement, here’s the latest baby Anderson tale where something happens, something else happens, and everything said in the story is used to get from one to the other.

Oh, it may be alright, I see some folks who are enjoying it, but I feel I’m set against it, and unless Grant turns it around and actually starts a plot with a little more depth and character than the one we’re in now, I’m counting down the time till it finishes.

defoe 1838

Defoe: The Damned by Pat Mills and Leigh Gallagher

Now, this is actually turning into a bit of a surprise. Three episodes in and it’s still doing alright, an enjoyable piece of 17th Century zombieland hokum.

We’re on familiar Pat Mills ground though, chapters 1 and 2 were introductions, scene-setters, this episode gives us conflict and what is meant to be emotional depth. But it’s more shallow end than anything, with one of Defoe’s group being held over an emotional barrel for past misdeeds when the devil comes a-calling.

But, but, but… Leigh Gallagher’s artwork. Wow. On a stick. Lovely work, he’s far more suited to black and white than colour, so much exquisite detail going on here.

sinister 1838 1

Sinister Dexter: Witless Protection by Dan Abnett and John Burns

Yep, absolutely enjoying this now. It’s got no depth at all in terms of plot, just like Cadet Anderson, but the playfulness and the dialogue more than makes up for it.

It’s silly, it’s fun, and Sinister, now in the employ of Frontal Loeb, out on the case, is still talking to himself, still delivering some great lines.

Yep, enjoying it for what it is.

sinister 1838 2

“Oh, This?” 

That raised a big guffaw.

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