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Published On February 24, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews, The Weekly 2000AD

Until February 2012, I’d never read 2000AD weekly for anything more than a few weeks.

Then I made the pledge. I will read the comic for a year, and tell you what I reckoned each and every week. Nearly a year later, I’m a convert. And the weekly 2000AD is where I still tell you all about it….

Prog 1820

Cover by Simon Davis – the second one playing on the theme of J. C. Leyendecker’s Thanksgiving covers from the Saturday Evening Post. The ever informative and exhaustive 2000AD covers uncovered blog has much more on this here. Looks good though – something different.

Now, the thing is, I was all set up to have a good run at this issue, had a load of time set aside to properly chat about it. Then daughter Molly’s pet rat Woody takes a turn for the worse (3 years old and her back legs aren’t doing what they’re meant to anymore) so my writing about 2000AD time turns into consoling child time and trying to work out whether rat is merely struggling with paralysis in legs or suffering. Answer – paralysis, but that just means more chat about quality of life and fun stuff like that in preparation for a trip to the vets on Monday. Oh dear.

So consequently, it’s just a quick run through again…..

2000AD Prog 1820 1

Judge Dredd by Michael Carroll and Andrew Currie

Carroll returns for a multi-parter Dredd with a lack of Dredd, one of those filling out the background strips, a glimpse at the many varied and colourful characters residing in MC-1. Again, we”re in for a lot of these over the next few months I reckon, after Wagner blew away so much of the world of Dredd, and the team of writers and artists delivered Trifecta covering the politics of post Chaos Day Justice Department.

This is all about the Sov immigrant population of MC-1, ironically established and fostered following the Apocalypse War. A little background, a little look at how well they’ve settled in, and then the post Chaos Day trouble; the recriminations, the trouble. And then come the Judges, led by Andrew Currie’s bimbo Chief Judge Hershey (his art here looks okay, but his Hershey as Barbie doesn’t do it for me at all) and good ol’ Joe Dredd. And between them, they come up with a very MC-1 solution to keeping an immigrant population safe.

It’s good, not great. We’ll see how it goes.

Right, now it’s a very, very, very quick run through the rest…..

2000AD Prog 1820 2

Savage by Pat Mills and Patrick Goddard

In what is becoming a familiar refrain…. this time Savage taakes out the super-duper tank, talked up on page 1, with the complicated and so difficult to replicate plan of “fire the missile at the top of the tank”. No, no-one else knows this method, and Savage obviously hasn’t bothered sharing his skills. Bastard. Still, by the end of the strip, he may well be getting his. Or not.

Savage is alright, but Mills’ set it up, blow it up, add a bit of politics…. it’s Ben Elton with a gun really.

Right…. the rest….

Ampney Crucis has a little moonlight raiding to do to uncover the Babbagist’s lair. It’s another episode where I’m not so sure we’re going anywhere but dammit, it does so very prettily – Davis’ art really is growing on me here.

Red Seas is just one I’m having to force myself to read. Every instinct tells me to skip it. But I don’t. And then 5 pages later I realise instincts are sometimes right. Immortal pirates storming hel and having a showdown with the devil should read so much better. But no, not for me I’m afraid. 

Strontium Dog continues with the bombardment of the Milton Keynes ghetto, and opens with some great Ezquerra art, and then it loses any structure it was building up, with an easy get out that could have been used at any point, meaning the whole violent conflict, mass extermination of the Muties was just pointless.

2000AD Prog 1820 3

Ampney Crucis Investigates by Ian Edginton and Simon Davis

2000AD Prog 1820 4

The Red Seas by Ian Edginton and Steve Yeowell

2000AD Prog 1820 5

Strontium Dog by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra

Next week, pet trouble behind us, I may find time to waffle a little more. For now, it’s just a broken record feeling of me being less than impressed so far this year with 2000AD. Thing is, I know the strip mix will change soon, fingers crossed I like it more then.

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