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Published On February 10, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews, The Weekly 2000AD

Until February 2012, I’d never read 2000AD weekly for anything more than a few weeks.

Then I made the pledge. I will read the comic for a year, and tell you what I reckoned each and every week. Nearly a year later, I’m a convert. And the weekly 2000AD is where I still tell you all about it….


Cover by Karl Richardson – nice, striking thing, with Bill Savage on his way to certain doom…. well, maybe not. More on that in a little while.

2000AD Dredd 1818

Judge Dredd by Alan Grant and David Roach

I’m certain I read somewhere that this was done a long time before Day Of Chaos (yep, just found it on David Roach’s FB) and whilst I’m always pleased to see more of Roach’s quite beautiful art, the whole tone of the tale just felt a little out of place, presumably because it is, written for a world that doesn’t exist right now, simply added in now and given a caption tweak to set the scene.

It’s a quirky little one-off that has Dredd coming face to face with a manipulative witch on a full moon, it’s simple, gorgeous, yet ultimately feels like going back in time and so close to the events of last year, it simply feels incongruous. In fact, looking at Roach’s young witch I can’t help but think of it as some bizarre crossover with Misty.

2000AD Savage 1818

Savage by Pat Mills and Patrick Goddard

Right, last week it was the improbable assault on the Volgan post, this week sees the Brit guerilla forces on the South Bank, facing down the Volgan positions and perfectly willing now to let guerilla icon Bill Savage head out on a suicide mission, the only chance to keep this last bridge open.

Savage then takes a knackered old hatchback, fills it full of high-ex and drives full speed (probably about 40mph) down a really long road, head-on into the fire of at least 4 Volgan soldiers, one of whom we’ve already established is a bloody good sniper.¬†What are the odds of Bill surviving this suicide mission? Oh, right.

I keep saying it’s a good strip, full of great action and thrills and great artwork from Goddard, and it still is, but bloody hell, it’s like Mills is trying to wind me up for liking it right now. I’m not saying it’s not fun, but it’s a little annoying at least right now.

2000AD Ampney 1818

Ampney Crucis Investigates by Ian Edginton and Simon Davis

Right, Man out of time and place Ampney Crucis is at GB Intel HQ being briefed by Alan Turing himself where ¬†Turing has a captured dead Babbagist he’s about to connect up to the main computer system for this alternate England…. which is such a bad idea everyone reading it is saying no well before Ampney politely enquires “is that wise?”

Still a god bit of alt-reality sci-fi from Edginton and Davis, although more and more I’m wondering where it’s going to go before the end.

2000AD Red Seas 1818

The Red Seas by Ian Edginton and Steve Yeowell

Maybe I was in a better place this week – ’cause Red Seas didn’t annoy so much, even raised a smile with the idea of a pissed off devil.

Jack and his boys are in big trouble now. I sense a climactic confrontation somewhere soon. Frankly it’s not done much for me though, despite me liking both writer and artist usually.

2000AD SD 1818

Strontium Dog by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra

Okay, Pat Mills’ Savage is an an action adventure that started well and continues to infuriate week after week now, Strontium Dog is almost the reverse, and it’s actually either worn me down or it’s getting better as it progresses.

No, it’s nowhere near great, but it is turning into something approaching a straight-up bit of adventure comic. Here we have Johnny Alpha joining the Milton Keynes ghetto and the authorities close in, there’s enough to keep me reading with a modicum of interest.

Thing is, I’m still getting 2000AD each week, still enjoying the experience overall, but nothing so far this year has gotten anywhere near the highs of 2012. Still, it is early yet. This lull is a natural thing in any long-running anthology – I’ll not be jumping ship anytime soon.

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  1. Matt Badham says:

    Any chance of a post reflecting on your 2000 AD ‘experience’ so far? I’d really like to know what it has been like as a whole. Also, how the Prog has confirmed and confounded the expectations you had of it before the whole project commenced.


  2. Matt Badham says:

    I’m not surprised, what with the ‘day job’ and all the writing you do here!