The List: April 2013 – Women in Comics

Published On May 3, 2013 | By Hannah Chapman | Comics


 The List: Hannah picks her faves from all things female in comics, from creators to characters and more!

Squeezing in nice and late this month [ed’s note: super late – my bad] is everybody’s favourite (well, my mum said she likes it) round up of women in comics – yay yay yay.

1. Madeline Flores

First up is Tumblr stalwart Madeline Flores, whose Post-it note comics bring joy to my life on a weekly basis. She’s also filling the aching whole left by her early webcomic, Witch & Knights, departure with Help Us Great Warrior. HUGW is all about an anthropomorphic potato/jelly bean/pebble/thing with deadly sword skills and killer style. Check it out!

2. Noelle Stevenson

And on the theme of Tumblr-famous comic creators can we please talk about Noelle Stevenson? Stevenson can be a pretty divisive creator, with some people loving her fan offerings like Broship of the Ring and The Hawkeye Initiative, and some people believing enough is enough. But whatever your views on that are, I want to say how excited I am for her webcomic Nimona to be collected into a real life book that I can hold and rest my coffee on and stuff.


3. Hilda (by Luke Pearson)

Luke Pearson is well known on the UK comics scene with books such as Everything We Miss rocketing him into the spotlight. But for a lot of people it’s Hilda that is his greatest creation. Endlessly curious Hilda inhabits a magical land where fantasy and reality meet seamlessly in a series of dreamlike adventures. Brilliant books for all ages – I cannot wait to give these to my little brothers!


4. Beautiful Darkness

Have you ever ‘read’ a book in another language and had NO CLUE what is actually going on? Well I had that last year when attempting to read Beautiful Darkness in French. The stunning watercolour pages by husband and wife team Kerascoet drew me straight into a highly disturbing world of, what I can only describe as corpse fairies. Maybe I will finally know what’s going on in author Fabien Vehlmann‘s head now that D&Q are releasing an edition in English.


5. Little Thunder

Little Thunder has crazy mad colouring skills. Take a peek at these images from her series Kylooe. Totally jaw droopingly gorgeous stuff. This is another book that I’ve only read in French, so could I tell you what is going on? Not really. But I love coming up with my own translations and seeing where it takes me.

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