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Published On August 4, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Comics For Children

Last week saw the release of six rather good books in softcover for the first time from the DFC Library. For those of you who don’t know, the DFC (literally David Fickling’s Comic) was a precursor to the Phoenix Comic.  Published by David Fickling through Random House in 2008, an ad free comic for children designed to be something great for UK comics. It was beloved by those who read it (myself and daughter Molly included) but failed to get enough subscribers in a tough financial time.

There have been several excellent collections of the works so far, in beautiful Tintin sized hardcover albums. We have several sets of them in the school library, and they’re all much read.

These softcover collections are smaller, more US comic sized, and not as substantial, but they’re still well worth your attention. Six books, six hits.

So go out there and buy them. The more you buy, the more chance there is of seeing uncollected treasure from the DFC getting this treatment – Jim Medway’s Crab Lane Crew and Simone Lia’s Sausage & Carrotts are a must if you want to keep Molly Bruton happy.

dfc 1

We’ve reviewed Jamie Smart’s excellent Fish Head Steve already last week. It’s very silly, very funny stuff.

As for the other five…  in alphabetical order…

Good Dog, Bad Dog by Dave Shelton

Molly’s take:

It’s a really funny detective doggy story, with lots of silly villains and really cool stories. I liked everyone, but my favourite character was McBoo – he’s hilariously stupid and always looking for more food!

Mo-Bot High by Neill Cameron

Here’s Year 5 Holly talking about the book:

Asha is a girl at Midford High School. She is new and eventually finds out that all the pupils in the school can turn into Mo-Bots….. and so can she! I liked the book because I like robots and it is really cool! My favourite character is Asha because she is new and has an exteremely cooooooool red ROBOT!!!!! I would love to read the second volume, but Mr Bruton says Neill Cameron hasn’t done it yet. But Volume 1 was a great comic, I loved it, it was AMAZING!

Monkey Nuts by The Etherington Brothers

It’s a manic, full on adventure serial, heavy on the laughs and with some very nice, suitably kinetic artwork. 

Super Animal Adventure Squad by James Turner

It’s really simple, really easy to read, yet Turner pulls it off, consistently delivering the gags, consistently delivering smiles and laughs.

Vern & Lettuce by Sarah McIntyre

Sarah’s Vern and Lettuce was a fave of Molly from the moment she saw it:

“The characters are great. Fat sheep playing a Tuba and a bunny with lots of little bunnies following her around. Very funny. I love the colours of the artwork. And I love little things like the swirly dotty fleece on Vern and the patterns on Lettuce’s dress.”

And Sarah’s new cover is an absolute delight for this softcover, bravo….


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