Sally Jane Thompson on collaboration, and more…

Published On December 28, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

This just grabbed my attention, a piece that’s simply gorgeous, no words needed…. Sally Jane Thompson on “Collaboration“….


As she says:

Took a bit of drawing time today to do this for Tauriq Moosa, who, when asked for a drawing topic request, tweeted back with “the beauty of two different minds creating a single thing of beauty (ie comics …To be fair, I think he didn’t think he was actually picking a drawing topic – either that, or he’s a little bit evil. After pondering what on earth to do with that, I decided to just go with something about collaboration, so here we go! Happy collaborative thoughts sent your way, Tauriq!

Sally Jane Thompson is a freelance comic creator and illustrator whose work I’ve seen about and around at various points over the last year. She was one of those artists I managed to miss at Thought Bubble last month, but she’s just one of many in that regard. She has a lovely style, great illustrator’s line, but her comics work is more relaxed, looser, funnier. A very talented artist, whose comics I really, really must look at in 2014.

Comics first… The September 2013 Atomic Sheep comic:



Now, her wonderful webcomic series Small Stories is a constantly shifting thing, both in tone, style and content, created from a love of short works, Small Stories is at turns funny, delightful, insightful, interesting and lovely. And sometimes all of these:


SThompson-Hourly2013-11 StrangeProspect-web

Now Thompson’s contribution to Julia Scheele’s 69 Love Songs project: Blue You (full comic at this link)




Now… illustration examples…


SJThompson-Crows SJThompson-Inspiration  SJThompson-Snake SJThompson-Success SJThompson-VacantSky

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