Reviews: Welcome To Your Awesome Robot is awesome (what else?)

Published On April 11, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Comics For Children, Reviews

Welcome To Your Awesome Robot

By Viviane Schwarz

Flying Eye Books

Awesome Robot 1

Okay, how about this for the first out the box release from new publishing imprint Flying Eye Books, the new childrens book imprint from Nobrow Press?

A beautiful looking, beautifully designed, beautifully put together thing (Nobrow – what else do you expect by now?) by Viviane Schwarz that is brilliantly, wonderfully playful, part graphic novel, part instructional thing.

Seriously, I challenge anyone, no matter what age, to go through this and NOT come out the other end with a huge, huge smile on your face.

There’s not really much to say about the book apart from a brief introduction, easily accomplished by showing you a couple of pages….

Awesome Robot 2

Awesome Robot 3

And that’s the format pretty much throughout this triumph of a book. Left hand page is comics, right hand page is diagram. Both pages such fun. It’s wonderfully silly, yet still manages to be a perfect “how to” guide.

It’s big as well – Asterix and Tintin Euro album size paperback, allowing the artwork a lot of space to work in, and Schwarz makes every bit of that space work, this is a really well put together book, making best use of every bit of space.

All those “upgrades“? That’s your job. You get to add Motion (that would be child getting in box – “do not test your robot near stairs or steep drops“), Vision (the all important eye holes – “always empty your robot before cutting. Do NOT CUT while robot is operational.“), Input/Output, Labels, Internal Storage, Displays, Attatchments….

Awesome Robot 5

No to chainsaws apparently.

And that’s it really, so many jokes, so many laughs, such absolute, unadulterated fun in here for everyone, young and old. But there’s also a feeling that you and your young thing are going to have an awesome time carrying out the instructions. I wish Molly was a few years younger, because instead of her looking at it and saying “cool”, we’d actually be ripping boxes to pieces making the most awesome robot ever right now. Alas, they always have to grow up. But I may try to get her to play along anyway – call it research for idiot father.

Viviane Schwarz is one of those authors skirting the edges of comic making sometimes, but this is most definitely comics. Incredibly smart, incredibly clever comics. But comics nonetheless.

Welcome To Your Awesome Robot is a brilliant thing, full of fun, full of great ideas, and absolutely, completely full of some great, great comics.

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