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Published On August 27, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

Left Issue 1

Steven Ingram

left cover

Okay, this one starts really well, the lightness of the artwork, the gentle progression of the story, a cheery little scene, a girl wakes up, a flatmate drops off her mail… the the mood changes, fear and shock flash across the girl’s face.

The letter’s from a name from her past, a past she quite reasonably wants nothing to do with, a past she’s been running from, a past involving a very unusual cult. Worse, it’s hand delivered, so not only does someone from the cult know where she lives, they may be watching.

left page 6

left 1

I’ll give away nothing more, especially not the moment she reveals just how extreme the cult turned out to be.

The problems with the comic set in once we get the revelation and Samantha talks through it all with Kat, her flatmate. The lightness and jollity of that first couple of pages is there again, and although I can sort of rationalise it as Ingram attempting to emphasise Kat’s empathy, her understanding, and her perception that Samantha needs reassurance and cheering up, it still doesn’t work, not with the revelations thus far, not with Samantha opening up to Kat with more details about the cult and how it worked, how she escaped.

left 2

That aside though, Ingram pulls it back with the ending, which delivers three pages of really taut, suspenseful thriller and sets up issue two perfectly.

Artistically Ingram did a lot right, his storytelling is simple but effective, his figure work is good, particularly on closeup shots, head and shoulders a speciality. Go a bit further out and things don’t look so good, a little too loose in longshot.

However, overall, I’m impressed. And best of all, I want to see issue 2.

You can get hold of copies of Left from Steven Ingram at his webstore.

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