Reviews: Gum Girl – Tentacles Of Doom – reviewed by Mae, aged 9

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Gum Girl Volume 2 – Tentacles Of Doom

by Andi Watson

Published by Walker Books

Review by Mae (Year 5)

Time once more for a review from one of the children at the school I (Richard) work in. You know the one, it’s got the best graphic novel library in the country for the primary age group, packed with so many great graphic novels, many of which I’ve talked about right here. But there’s absolutely nothing better than hearing just what the children think of the graphic novels. A group of children reviewed Gum Girl Volume 1 this time last year, but here’s super-reader Mae to review Volume 2:

gum girl vol 2

Grace Gibson, the main character, lives in the town of Catastrophe. Helped by her friend Billy she tackles super-evil, at Calamity Primary school and elsewhere.

One problem, Billy musn’t know she’s super-hero ‘Gum Girl’.

Leading two lives is a difficult buisness so her main problem is tackling them at the same time. As Grace she has to tidy her room, visit the aquarium, and do chores for her pocket money. But on the other hand, as Gum Girl she is always saving Calamity from disaster!

GG2 dust bunny

In the first story of the three in “The Tentacles Of Doom” she sends dust bunny rolling down the hill as he is trying to make dust and dirt prevail in Calamity Primary School. At home though she is having tidy-up trouble as her room is a total disaster. Another problem has surfaced as the school caretaker is not doing his job!

The second is just as interesting as Gum Girl has to race against time to save the town from flooding at the Mishap Dam because Octopus Prime is trying to take over Catastrophe.Gum Girl though is not going to let that happen.

In the last story Sick St. Nick gets bitten on the bum by a dog that has been holding a grudge for far too long

gg2 christmas

The pages that showed it was a fun and funny comic were pages 63 and 64, the last pages of the Sick St. Nick story.Poor Grace has beaten the baddie, but now she needs pocket-money to buy more laboratory equipment as she exploded the last set she had! So she uses her “nitro gum” to clear up a pile of pruned branches in the garden….

Gum Girl Tentacles Of Doom-1

The very funniest bit though was her dad’s glasses that go all wonky because of the bang, but when he dashes outside nothing is there… including the branches!

Gum Girl Tentacles Of Doom-2

As she said: “It’s no good for chewing but that Nitro Gum can sure clean garden waste!”

The only problem with Gum Girl is the way that the villains are defeated pretty much the same way each time. In the first story all Grace needed to use was her aqua-gum to make the bunny stop in mid-leap, the second story has exactly the same problem, with the gumerang making the whole system shut down. I think it would have been more exciting if it hadn’t worked and she had to get inside the getaway car with Octopus Prime! And in the third story Sick St. Nick is bitten by a dog, which seems too simple.

I would recommend this to any fan of Gum Girl and to comic lovers all over the world! Gum Girl is a great comic and perfect for younger readers.


Thanks to Mae for allowing us to post this here. Mae is a huge reader, devours books and comics, loves to read and has even made her very own superhero for the Phoenix, which quite rightly won her the fabled top banana when it was printed in Phoenix issue 43.

Andi Watson and Walker Books have just released Gum Girl Volume 3 – Countdown To Destruction.

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2 Responses to Reviews: Gum Girl – Tentacles Of Doom – reviewed by Mae, aged 9

  1. Great review, Mae!

  2. andi watson says:

    Wow, Mae, thank you for your wonderful review of The Tentacles of Doom! I’m so happy you found it funny and enjoyed Grace and Gum Girl’s problems and adventures. I think in future, Octopus Prime will try to make his evil gadgets more robust (he was using stolen parts while working full time at the aquarium) and Sick St. Nick will put up more of a fight if he ever shakes off that awful cold of his. I think he must secretly want some time off and to rest up in Wertham Asylum’s sick bay. Thanks again for reading! Best, andi.