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Published On February 20, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Comics


By PM Buchan, Jack Fallows, Phil Marsden, Andrew Waugh, Elblondino/Mike Barnes, Joe Whiteford.


“Unrequited love, booze, death-by-misadventure, necrophilia, cannabalism and suicide. And that’s just one story!”

In fact it’s this story…. “What’s Inside A Girl?” by PM Buchan and Jack Fallows….

Blackout Buchan Fallows

Yep, it gets much, much nastier from this point.

And how much you enjoy it really depends on your level on comedy horror. Me, I’m not entirely sure of a couple of strips, they hit a little hard, a little too nasty for the sake of it, a little too deliberate shock without need, without a good enough story or gag. However, this is a deliberate shock comic, designed to get the reaction it elicited from me. It’s not for everyone is I’m sure what main writer PM Buchan will tell us.

But the rest of it does the trick, there’s plenty of stuff in here to laugh at, plenty to wince at, plenty of good art as well, a surprisingly high standard in this anthology all told. 11 tales of sick, nasty stuff. There’s a good dose of nasty bloke stuff here, but more often than not it’s the depraved bloke who gets it in the end; whether it’s falling foul of Death and the Devil in Buchan and Fallows’ Wages of Sin, a vile specimen of the clown fraternity getting his comeuppance (sort of) in Buchan and Whiteford’s Zingo’s Lament, stupidity rewarded in blood for Phil Marsden’s Fat Jackie, or misogynist bastards coming to grief thanks to their newly bewitched  blow-up doll in Buchan and Marsden’s Object of my Affection.

I’ll concentrate on just three here, but I reckon there’s something for everyone, provided you’ve the stomach for this sort of thing. The already mentioned What’s Inside A Girl is the worst night of a young kid’s life, that pretty much starts with a legendary knock back from his best friend and goes downhill so fast you haven’t time to draw breath. Slapstick horror at its best really.

The Three Coffins is almost the same sick gag played the other way round, with Phil Marsden’s art even looking a little like Fallows at times (and if you squint or something). Anyway, this little tale of the problem with hell looking a little too heavenly to be true plays out in a nice, twisty old way, complete with great little visual gags….

Blackout Buchan Marsden

Oh, that is so not going to end well.

Finally, a mention for Andrew Waugh’s Demonolgy, pages of which are dotted through the comic, and which I enjoyed. Far sillier and cutesy than the rest of the comic, but they gave a touch of levity amongst the depravity…

Blackout Waugh

Blackout is most certainly not for everyone, and even if it is for you, I doubt you’ll like the same stuff I did. But it is most definitely a solid, fun, sick little anthology, and you can get it from PM Buchan’s website here.

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2 Responses to Reviews: Blackout

  1. P M Buchan says:

    Thanks so much for this!

    Anybody that enjoys The Three Coffins more than the more depraved strips will probably enjoy our Starburst Magazine one-pagers, which are (by necessity) considerably less offensive. Phillip Marsden, Jack Fallows AND Andrew Waugh all create brilliant but considerably less nasty strips when left to their own devices.

    I try to balance out the obscenity of BLACKOUT with the other things that I’m working on. The artist on La Belle Dame Sans Merci has given me VERY explicit instructions that rule out overt gore, sex or horror, so I try to find different ways to get under your skin there. 🙂

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