Review: The Bizarre Adventures Of Cilbert & Sullivan Volume 2 – this time it’s musical….

Published On December 3, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

The Bizarre Adventures Of Gilbert & Sullivan: Volume 2 – The Sound Of Music

By Laura Howell


Nearly 2 years after the first volume of Laura Howell’s light operatic adventure comedy, we finally get a second volume. The first, as you probably don’t remember, was loads of fun, described thus;

The Bizarre Adventures Of Gilbert & Sullivan is funny, silly, brilliantly pitched stuff,with clever bickering between the two composers and wildly surreal adventures thrown in. The ideas are fresh and fast, the artwork cutesy but manically expressive and the volume finishes long before you have chance to get even remotely tired of the concept, leaving you wanting more.

No surprise that Volume 2 merely continues this funny and silly comic adventure, with G&S meeting various musical giants, from Wagner to Shubert to an evil Verdi and an even worse Offenbach.. there’s a musical education here in these pages.And lots of laughs.

Inside you’ll discover just how ridiculous Richard Wagner was, how annoying Franz Schubert can be, even when reincarnated as a mushroom, how a dastardly Verdi can even subvert the true meaning of Christmas and more. Yes, you may not exactly get a faithful retelling of these composers history, but you certainly get loads of laughs along the way.


(Richard Wagner and his army of Valkyries threaten our English heroes)

Howell litters her short strips with gas, both verbal and visual, and they all work, contributing to something that’s short and sweet yet lots and lots of fun. Join in with her adventures of England’s greatest light operatic composer team, you won’t regret it. The artwork, all manga chibli, should clash with the very English content, but Howell pulls the culture clash off, the cuteness wins out, and you’ll be smiling at the end, just as you were smiling at the start.


(Schubert the mushroom. No, really. This is normal in Laura Howell’s world)

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