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Published On February 4, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

No More Heroes Issue 4

Written by Gordon Mclean, art by Caio Oliveira

First off, here’s another very impressive, design heavy cover from Oliveira.

This is the fourth and final issue, Black Fury finally comes face to face with Jack Slaughter, and everything gets wrapped up in a finale that feels almost Tarantino-ish, although definitely early Tarantino, good Tarantino, not the more recent iffy stuff. This is dual time, dual character stuff, the showdown between Jack Slaughter and Black Fury in the now and the moment of Dark Justice finally getting the better of Jack Slaughter (or so it seems) then…..

Like the ad says, this is an issue of reveals, of climactic moments. The first one is the big reveal where we get to discover just who the hell Jack Slaughter is. It happens on page 4, and hard on its heels is the reveal of just how the hell did Dark Justice buy the farm, the questions are al answered, and in a very satisfying fashion as well.

Thing is, it’s virtually impossible to do anything with the art in issue 4 that doesn’t give the game away… so I’m not going to. It’s not really fair. Mclean and Oliveira have worked hard to get to this point, and delivered an enjoyable series, so it’s not my place to spoil anything here…. I will however, share the plot summary from issue 3, it’s still a great reminder and a godsend to those of us here on a crippling deadline for other stuff….

And here’s the short summary from the start of #4 to get you bang up to date….

All in all, No More Heroes has been a really rather interesting, almost under the radar sort of Mark Millar style comic, one of those easy to distill down to the hi-concept things, but there’s more than that here, and it’s a story that manages to impress me even though I was mildly inclined to dislike it. Like I said, it felt like a Mark Millar sort of thing, and I don’t much care for Millar’s stuff. But this won me over pretty early on. Yes, it’s a pretty by the numbers superhero revenge tale on the surface, but there’s more to it than that, and it’s that subtlety that I enjoyed.

Oliveira certainly has a stylistic lok, and at the very, very best, there was something of the Paul Grist about the art. And believe me, that’s fine, fine praise around these parts. I’m going to end this with pages 1-3, and it’s very, very Grist-like there, isn’t it? or is that just me?

Anyway, No More Heroes issues 1-4 are available from the website. It’s been a quirky, interesting, high concept sort of thing with a bit more depth than I was expecting. All in all, pretty damn fine.

Now, I promised you pages 1-3 to finish with, including one little spoiler from that ad above…. but  no, nothing too bad….


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