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Collectors take note! As regular readers will know, our Birmingham affiliate store Nostalgia & Comics houses one of the biggest and best collections of classic back issues in all of the UK and Ireland. In amongst the last collections they’ve aquired are these four pre-distribution treasures that are rarely seen this side of the pond. To make things even better, N&C have taken 15-25% off the list price, making these even more-must have.

Check them out under the cut!


Superman #99 – 1955. Cover by  the great Al Plastino
Condition: Good+, £45

One of the very last acknowledged books of the Golden Age, Superman #99 features three classic stories: The Camera Club Scoops, The 1,000 Lives of Superman, and “The Incredible Feats of Lois Lane”. The Big Blue Boyscout at his wholesome best, we think!



Detective Comics #295 – 1961 – cover by Sheldon Moldoff (credited to Bob Kane) –
Condition: Cover Loose, £8.50

Featuring a cover by Sheldon Moldoff (co-creator of Silver Age head-scratchers Ace the Bat-Hound, Zebra-Man, and Bat-Mite, no less!), this is from the era of Detective Comics that saw the Caped Crusader and Robin take on all manner of wacky mysteries and threats. Also featured in this issue are a couple of awesome adventures starring the always-underrated Martian Manhunter and Aquaman.


Action Comics #179 – 1953 – Cover by Win Mortimer
Condition: Good+, £45

The earliest comic of the bunch, largely drawn by Joe Shuster Hall of Famer Win Mortimer. If you’ve never seen any work from his tenure on the Superman newspaper strip in the early 50s, try and track some down – it’s genuinely great. As you can see from the cover, the Superman story inside is full of classic crazy Golden Ageness. Supermanor? The fortress of solitude it ain’t!


Batman #108 – 1957 – Cover by Sheldon Moldoff (credited to Bob Kane)
Condition: Good+, £48

Fans of The League‘s baby Chalupa Batman MacArthur will get a huge kick out of this one. When Batman saves the Jones family and their newborn baby from a near-fatal car accident, they proclaim they will name the littleun “Batman” (Batman bizarrely also builds the tyke a cot dubbed the “Bat-coop”). Even more hilariously, the kid grows up to be a royal pain in the bat-arse when he proves himself to be just as good as the real Batman at caped-crime-solving before abandoning his fake cowl and becoming a stamp collector. Over 50 years later, Tony S. Daniel paid homage to the Batman Jones character by inserting a namesake in the third issue of Battle for the Cowl.


Serious comic collectors (or lovers of strange Gold/Silver age DC stories) should get themselves to Nostalgia & Comics, which is conveniently located right by New Street Station in Birmingham. Wanna talk to them about their classic comic collection? Drop them a line via their Facebook Page or Twitter account today!

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