Observer/Cape/Comica Graphic Short Story Prize 2013 announced…

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Here we go… the annual Observer/Cape/Comica Graphic Short Story Prize has been announced for 2013…

The winner for 2013 is Emily Haworth-Booth, with her 4-page largely autobiographical piece ‘Colonic’, which is about her time spent looking for treatments for M.E. a few years ago. Haworth-Booth, came to art late, studying for a foundation course at Chelsea College of Art after various jobs through her 20s. She was a runner-up for the Graphic Short Story Prize in 2008 with her piece ‘What Do Other Married People Talk About‘ and since then has been studying at The Prince’s School, Shoreditch, where she is now Communications Editor and also teaches ‘Drawing the Graphic Novel’ courses.

As reported by Rachel Cooke in today’s Observer, the judges described ‘Colonic’ as laugh out loud funny, but also praised the genuine, real feel to the work. The strip was part of Haworth-Booth’s diary comics detailing her struggles with M.E. and her goal now is to find a publisher for her extended diaries, of which ‘Colonic’ is just one small part.

Runner-up this year is Michael Parkin, with his story ‘Lines’, which we looked at here at the FPI Blog back in June 2013. Parkin’s work has featured several times here, and it’s a real pleasure to see him achieve this recognition for his peaceful, playful artwork, full of gorgeous shapes and wonderful colours.

Personally, I think Lines worked a lot better in the original form, Parkin’s condensed his original to fit the 4-page format for the awards and it loses some of the beautiful and peaceful qualities of the original, but it’s still a great example of his work and his style.

colonic1 colonic 2 colonic 3 colonic 4

lines 1 lines 2 lines 3 lines 4

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  1. Myf Tristram says:

    Is the shortlist posted anywhere? I’d love to see it.

    Also, I am gathering together a list of entries for this year – you can see it here. Additions welcome!

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