News, Views and Oddities #11

Published On January 24, 2013 | By Zainab | Comics

News, Views and Oddities, where we link to various bits and bobs which have grabbed our attention, encompassing comics, books, illustration, design and film. Clicking fingers at the ready.

Guys, guys, it’s almost Friday, which means it’s almost the weekend, so let us begin as we intend to go on, with a classic Teenage Mutant Turtle/pizza combi comic, from the lovely and talented JangoJim. He has a collection of his work coming out later this year, which I’m very excited about- his comics are so happy-inducing.

Jim Rugg details the difference between Hellboy in Hell- print and digital editions.

Drawn and Quarterly have been posting previews of their upcoming books: I think I may have drooled a little bit looking at those pages of Rutu Modan’s The Property. I highlighted Modan’s upcoming book in my 20 for 2013 and this little preview has just heightened my anticipation. While you’re strolling through D&Q pastures, perhaps also check out Lynda Barry’s re-issued Freddie Stories.

Josh Simmons has a tumblr. Consider yourself warned, I guess.

THIS LINK. If you click on one link, make it that one. Simple, effective creativity- so, so good.

All you need to know- James Harren. Dredd

Your bumper free comics online round-up: Hannah Berry is offering the first part of her excellent Admatine free to download. You can now read Angie Wang’s contribution to Secret Prison #7, the Garo manga tribute anthology, at her website. And, oh yes, Kyle Baker put all his comics online free for you to read.

Comics creators and teachers: Thien Pham demonstrates how to draw four panel comics and create characters and Dan Berry’s guide to drawing a 24-hour comic.

This lists some great cartoonists who you should most definitely check out if you’re not aware of them already. I won’t comment on how being the next Alison Bechdel appears to have more to do with common anatomy than talent.

A short chat with Lilli Carre, and a more in-depth, and very interesting, interview about publishing with Annie Koyama.

I really love this infographic on Kurt Vonnegut’s Shape of Stories, by the excellent Maya Eilam.

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  1. Maya Eilam says:

    Thank you for highlighting my infographic! I live in New York and I’ve loved our Forbidden Planet store for a long time.