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My dissertation is almost over and I’m looking forward to treating myself to some great comics as reward. Thankfully, the good people at kuš komiksi have it covered, with the upcoming release of their new batch of mini kuš!. For the uninitiated mini kuš! are shorter-length comics, clocking in at a nice 28 pages  and printed in full colour in a saddle-stitched, A6 format. kuš always strive to represent comic artists around the globe, and this time it’s no different, with offerings from Sweden, Finland, Mexico, as well as their native Latvia.

I’ve compiled a few preview images and a short synopsis for each one below: it’s a real pleasure to see the range of visual styles on display. I must admit I’m particularly looking forward to Estrada’s contribution, her illustrations are always so vividly realised, and her stories have a blend of the recognisably familiar, coupled with an interjecting strangeness.

All four books will release on the 27th of August and are $6 each inclusive of postage to anywhere. Available to pre-order here.

‘Borrowed Tails’ by Inés Estrada: ‘Inés Estrada’s ‘Borrowed Tails’ is a collection of short comics based on overheard stories and imagined anecdotes. Intimate and feminine, in the most wild and unabashed sense, her acid watercolors transform the mundane into the magic.’

InesEstrada_minikush17 InesEstrada_minikush17_p2 InesEstrada_minikush17_p3

‘Hideous Fiesta’ by Heta Bilaletdin: “How dare you have a party on a day like this?” The comics collage ‘Hideous Fiesta’ by the Finnish visual artist and musician Heta Bilaletdin is a story about a mysterious party and questions of freedom.’

HEtaBilaletdin_minikush15 HetaBilaletdin_minikush15_p2 HetaBilaletdin_minikush15_p3

‘The Pernicious Kiss’ by Tiina Lehikoinen: ‘The story ‘The Pernicious Kiss’ by the Finnish poet and artist Tiina Lehikoinen is about a modern hero who has a horse head. He seeks love, but it’s not easy to find a kissing-partner if you have a face like his…’

TiinaLehikoinen_minikush14 TiinaLehikoinen_minikush14_p2 TiinaLehikoinen_minikush14_p3

‘Runaway Dog’ by Emelie Östergren: “Once I was in Riga and you were there in front of me. In a basket of an old lonely lady you laid there with two other alfs and you where the one, Alvie. Then I said, I will make a story about you.” Emelie Östergren’s ‘Runaway Dog’ is a story about Alvie and the dog Moses finding each other in a difficult time in life. A story full of happiness and joy as well as loneliness and struggling. Simple and beautiful.’

EmelieOstergren_minikush16 EmelieOstergren_minikush_p1 EmelieOstergren_minikush_p2

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