Lost Works: Grendel – Devil’s Whisper

Published On June 9, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Lost Works

Was re-reading Grendel over the weekend, and memory starting working (it does that sometimes), thinking about all the different Grendel pieces that followed Matt Wagner’s work on the title. Grendel Tales sort of worked, with some good storylines, good artists, but in the end, for this fan of Wagner’s particular vision, it was just a little too dilute. And then I remembered this, a little Grendel strip from James Robinson and D’Israeli, published in A1, the big anthology from the late 80s (and being brought back from Titan Comics later in 2013).

A quick check over at Pop Image’s Grendel Primer and yes, 1990, A1 Issue 4, published by Atomeka Press:

“This anthology of British creators featured GRENDEL: DEVIL’S WHISPER, by James Robinson and D’Israeli, a story of policeman Captain Albert Wiggins. It takes place, chronologically, between GRENDEL #15 and #16. 

James Robinson: “This was for A1, a Brit anthology. It was a lark and a chance for me to work with Matt Brooker (D’Israeli) who had been the original choice for FOUR DEVILS, ONE HELL until a delay at Comico (even when they were still publishing) meant that he had to drop out.”

And because it’s never been collected, I thought you might like to see these scans of it. Grendel is created by and © Matt Wagner

Grendel - Devil's Whisper 01

Grendel - Devil's Whisper 02

Grendel - Devil's Whisper 03

The rest is under the cut…

Grendel - Devil's Whisper 04

Grendel - Devil's Whisper 05

Grendel - Devil's Whisper 06

Grendel - Devil's Whisper 07

Grendel - Devil's Whisper 08

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One Response to Lost Works: Grendel – Devil’s Whisper

  1. Steve block says:

    For a moment there I thought this was Eddie Campbell’s lost grendel story. Thanks for posting this though. I threw out my a1’s years ago