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Published On January 1, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

You remember Look In? Yeah, well LOOK OUT! is everything that was, and then some.

Featuring some great British cartoonists, including some familiar names to the FPI Blog’s regular readers, LOOK OUT! is a new project from Paul O’Connell (The Sound Of DrowningCharlie Parker Handyman) and Lord Hurk (Static Revolver).

Originally intended for publication last year, things have stalled a little, it’s not finished yet, but not forgotten either. So David and Lord Hurk have kindly allowed us to feature the comic here at the blog. We’ll be putting a few pages up on the first of every month, hopefully getting you all excited about seeing it when eventually published. We shall obviously keep you informed.

But from now on, here’s the January edition of LOOK OUT!

I thought we’d start with a bumper triple edition, featuring Paul O’Connell and Lord Hurk and starting off with the art that first brought this thing to my attention; those wonderful Banana Splits reinterpreted in typical style by Krent Able and already featured in his Big Book Of Mischief.

Banana Splits by Krent Able

Jamie & The Magic Torch by Paul O’Connell

Creator of The Sound of Drowning and ‘Charlie Parker: Handyman’ which appears bi-monthly in The Stool Pigeon.  His work has also appeared in various international magazines, zines, books, exhibitions and comic anthologies. www.soundofdrowning.com

Magnum P.I. by Lord Hurk

Regular contributor to many UK and international anthologies and co-produces the comics magazine ‘The Static Revolter’. lordhurk.blogspot.co.uklordhurk.com, @fancybutcher

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