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Published On February 2, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

LOAf Issue # 1 – Fears

By Rose Robbins, Joff Winterhart, Mike Smith, Rosie Faragher, Ben Parker, Alexis Deacon, Heidi Deedman, Rob Bidder, Dawn Cooper, Becky Palmer, Ellie Jenkins, Dave Bain, Melissa Castrillon, Elana Arevalo Melville, Daisy Hirst, Jenny MacKendrick, Claire Shorrock, Trudi Esberger, Natalie Blofeld, Stuart Adams, Catherine Cronin.

LOAf is a new crowd-funded anthology looking to appeal to the upper end of the primary school age group, the brainchild of artists Rosie Faragher and Becky Palmer, and according to the website it all happened when they got together to “talk about how many wonderful unpublished artists and creative, curious children there are in the world who haven’t yet had the pleasure of collaborating with each other“.

This comic, intended to run twice a year alongside comic workshops, is the result. It’s called LOAf since they’re both huge bread fans. The contributors are primarily starting out, although there are a few more established name, including recent Costa award nominee Joff Winterhart.

The 9-12 year-old range they’re aiming for is a difficult one to pitch to, a weird age group in so many ways, too old for the simple fun of children’s books, but maybe not quite ready to tackle proper teen book, but LOAf (I’m going with the mixed case spelling on the cover) is determined to give it a go, determined to appeal to this in-between group, or as they put it:

We believe that by producing an independent publication, these artists can show their truest colours and tell stories that will tickle, entrance and intrigue older children without talking down to them.

Here’s a little of what you can see inside, just some of the 26 strips from 24 artists:

(Becky Palmer)

(Rosie Faragher)

(Mike Smith)

(Joff Winterhart)

(Daisy Hirst)

There you go, just a few of what you have to look forward to inside this first issue of LOAf.

You can get your own copy of LOAf from their Etsy store.

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