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Published On May 4, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Books

Not by us, but by a group of Doctor Who fans who just happen to have 11,000 Target Doctor Who books, and have a mad idea that they are going to give them away to schools around the country.

A mad idea, but also a fantastic idea, designed to spread a love of reading around the country.

This is Gloucestershire has the full story. But to summarise…

It all starts when a skip hire firm in Essex turns up to pick up a skip to discover it was full of new Doctor Who books, all wrapped and bundled fresh from the distributor floor it seems. Too many people would have binned them, but bless them, the skip firm put them on ebay, a 14,000 job lot, starting at 99p (collection in person though, just imagine the postage).


David Dovey and a group of Doctor Who loving fans see the auction and decide to bid, a mad plan percolating in their brains.

35 bids later, for the ridiculously low sum of £635, the haul was theirs. It looks a little like this:


Now all they have to do is get the word out and then get the books around the country. It’s what’s known as an organisational nightmare.

The deal works like this: If you’re a school, just email and they’ll put you down on a distribution list and will eventually get the books out to you if they can.

It’s all down to a simple love of reading, and a desire to pass on the things that delighted and inspired David and his friends as children. They have a network of friends around the country who’ll help, but they also need help from Doctor Who fans around the country. Can you help get a few books to a local school that wants them? If so, get in touch.

Because who knows, somewhere in these schools there might be a small child who’s not too keen on books or reading, and getting a Doctor Who book into his or her hands might be the thing that starts a love affair with reading that will last for life.

I’ve always said at school that there’s no such thing as a child who doesn’t like to read, just children who haven’t found the right thing to read YET. It took a little while to win certain members of staff over when their pupils kept reading comics and graphic novels that I’d brought in for the library. But eventually we’ve stopped all this talk of “real books” and brought them round to the idea of all reading is good reading.

Congratulations to David and pals for a wonderful idea. It’s something we can all help with. Do you know a school? Get in touch, pass the message on, offer to take some books if you can. It’s Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary, what a great way to celebrate than by inspiring readers of the future.

More details at the Target Who blog site.

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