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Published On June 24, 2013 | By Wim | Comics, Continental Correspondent

We blogged earlier about Lifestrips, the continuing webcomic by Marc Seestädt that uses photocomic language to create new, often experimental and very funny narratives.  Marc got in touch to let us know that he’s collected a few of his most recent strips in an actual physical, dead-tree medium book, which is also translated into English as Intimacy And Confusion In The Digital Age.

intimacy confusion digital age Marc Seestädt cover

“Translated” should be taken with a pinch of salt though – Marc has selected comic strips here that are all wordless (I wouldn’t call them silent, as there’s a lot going on), so you may as well have the Russian version in your hands for all you know.

Another similarity in the strips that are bundled in this book is that they all involve modern audiovisual technology of some sort, be it television, iPhones or Google Glass, and how these intruders impact daily life. One of the strips is set in a café, with the protagonist getting foul looks for kissing his girlfriend instead of staring at an iScreen…

intimacy confusion digital age Marc Seestädt 01

(this strip is normally presented as a long, thin horizontal format, but since that does’t fit a blog screen too well we’ve ‘adapted it into a more portrait format layout to read easier here)

Lifestrips have evolved over time from a very inventive and intelligent journal in photocomic from into a series of poetic, imaginative and often surrealist vignettes. Well worth the money.

Intimacy And Confusion In The Digital Age by Marc Seestädt is published by Jaja Press (ISBN 978-3-943417-28-9) and will set you back 10 Euros (plus shipping).

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