From our continental correspondent – Dr. Brillenschnitzel is adequately strange

Published On March 29, 2013 | By Wim | Comics, Continental Correspondent

I recently received a strange email from a chap who called himself Doktor Nekrophilius Brillenschnitzel (I hope that’s a pseudonym), asking if I cared to have a look at the art on his blog. I did and I was amazed.


Brillenschnitzel is a German who creates artwork that hovers happily along the borders of the surreal and the horrific, and he strings them together in more or less loosely knit horrorlike tales that seem to be only written as an alibi for the art itself. I saw shadows of Magritte and Delvaux, smidges of Gorey and even some line art echoes of Mark Ryden.  But above all I saw a genuinely original talent that is still thoroughly developing, in style as well as in subject matter.



The basic blog format may be a bit of a hindrance to enjoy the stories to their fullest, and it takes some searching to find the several parts of his comic, Where do you hold the perdition Mme Zeweckasul, in which he deals with fairly intangible themes in a quite surprising manner. Luckily Brillenschnitzel also has a secret gallery, in which you may lose yourself amongst the works of art.


Visit this site, and amaze yourself at what you can do with only pen and ink.  And then, go exploring on the Brillenschnitzelnetz.

All artwork is Creative Commons protected and owned by Doktor Nekrophilius Brillenschnitzel

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  1. Thanks for your review! It may be easier to skip through the pages of “Where do you hold the perdition Mme Zeweckasul” on comic rocket

    ~N. Brillenschnitzel