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Published On January 22, 2013 | By Wim | Comics, Continental Correspondent, Conventions and events

It’s less than a fortnight until everyone’s who’s anyone in European comics gathers in the town of Angoulême in the South-west of France to ponder their favourite artform / medium / industry (take your pick), this year for the fortieth time, no less.

Correspondents and journalists are bombarded with press releases and invitations to interviews, openings and other gatherings.  All beds in hotels, B&Bs, attics and garden sheds have been taken in and the train on the Wednesday is fully booked.

The candidates for this year Grand Prix, according to ActuaBD.

Naturally, these final days are not without the necessary hubbub about the Grand Prix selection procedure, the continuing tug-of-war between the several parties involved in the organisation, the new sponsors, etc. After all, the French take their comics very seriously (and good for them).

Luckily, Lewis Trondheim and Jean-Matthieu Tanguy created a fabulous commercial that will be all over the French TV stations from the weekend onwards. At least this reminds us that Angoulême is supposed to be a party, a celebration of comics, a long weekend among like-minded geeks.

How many beloved comic characters to you recognize in the ad?

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