From Our Continental Correspondent: 2 great new books for February

Published On January 4, 2013 | By Wim | Comics, Continental Correspondent, Upcoming

Sometimes it’s good to pay attention to your cartoonist “friends” on Facebook.  Flemish cartoonist and designer Brecht Vandenbroucke recently announced that his first real comic book will be published in February by independent publisher Bries. Vandenbroucke already made a name for himself with his very colourful prints and illustrations for Nobrow, and judging from the cover of White Cube, he’s not planning on toning it down very soon.

Also in February, Monsieur Bermutier, the new graphic novel by Maarten vande Wiele, will be published in Dutch by Flemish publisher Oogachtend. Recent illustration work by Vande Wiele for Flemish newspapers and magazines showed a slow but steady move from the cutesy fashionista style that he used in books like Paris (Knockabout) for a more colourful, well-rounded style.  Which, from the looks of it, is not that great a change as it may seem, but actually makes his art more profound.  We’ll let you know how it works out!

And finally, Lode Devroe makes us very happy by announcing that he’s started drawing again after recovering from his aorta ascendens transplant in August of 2012. Let’s hope he finds the energy and motivation to continue his Painted Desert series, which is a beauty to behold.

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