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Published On May 10, 2013 | By Joe Gordon | Film TV & Theatre

We’re always partial to a bit of Steampunk – or in this case, being inter-war years it is more DieselPunk – and this sounds like it could be an interesting project: The Amazing Adventures of Victoria Clarke. Set in that stylishly elegant 20s/30s period it follows a female British agent under cover as a bad actress in early Hollywood. Producer Ken Wallace is a movie veteran looking to do his own feature film outside the normal studio system by using online fundraisers to get funds and investment. The project should also involve a web episodes, a graphic novel and a mobile game as well as the actual film.

The Amazing Adventures of Victoria Clarke

I know there’s been a bit of debate recently over online fundraisers for films – there’s been a fair bit of discussion just this week about Zach Braff’s fundraiser for a sequel to his very successful Indy movie Garden State (which I really enjoyed), with some saying it’s the job of producers, production companies and studios to raise finance for such projects since ultimately it is a business proposition and they hope to reap a profit from it. As others pointed out though, for independent productions the online fundraiser is a great route – for starters not every suit in a studio understands a good movie pitch when they see it and more fail to get the green light than get passed for production. And if a production does get greenlit studio execs frequently meddle in production and story, and we’ve all seen the ‘made by committee’ blandness that’s ruined a potentially good film, so it’s pretty understandable why some would seek to do their film free from such interefernce if they have alternative ways of raising finance (just look at cult director Alex Cox’s Harry Harrison flick he wants to make with fundraiser cash we blogged about recently).

There will be a fundraiser online for The Amazing Adventures of Victoria Clarke fairly soon, Ken tells us, but meantime he and his friends have been busy building up a site, Facebook etc and packing it with details, back story and concept art to give a flavour of what they are trying to do ahead of any fundraiser. It’s an interesting way to approach film – and in this case multimedia – production and perhaps a way for more individual films to be made outside of that made-by-committee, how-will-it-play-in-the-sticks?, get-a-focus-group approach too many larger studios take. There’s a fair bit on the site already and I know a lot of you enjoy a good Steampunk-tinged adventure (any excuse to wear a top hat – our own James Bacon, we’re looking at you here) so go and have a look.

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